Best purple 5* for multiple uses

Hi there.

I got Amun Thoth, Domitia and Quintus, but materials for 1 ascension. Wich one should I choose for the lvl 80 for Titan, atack and defense.
I started to raise I started to raise Amun toth since he is quick nd got extra PV nd ATk…

Thanx in advance.

I don’t really like neither one, but maybe the strongest is Quintus.

Personally i’ll go for Domitia.
I have a thing for girls heroes, and her holy defence against titans may be useful.

Ty elpis.

That’s my dilemma. If one were much better than the other were not a problem…

I’ll raise domitia nex to play a bit with her nd see how she goes.

Yeah, thats a good way to manage this problem.
Try a little bit both and see which one suite your taste.

There’s a good discussion on the Thoth Vs Domitia debate over here: Thoth Amun or Domitia?

And another thread about Quintus here: Thoughts on Quintus after his last update

I’ve chosen Thoth over Domitia; Quintus wasn’t an option for me. Thoth deals much more damage than Domitia, and his minions can save they day in a raid by inflicting damage without giving mana to the foe. Minion animation makes him unsuitable for Challenge Events if you intend to be top 50.

I like that Quintus doesn’t rely any fancy mechanics to do his damage. Like Lianna he dishes out a huge amount of damage, period. I’m not a big fan of slow mana, though it does mean that when finally fires, it’s lights-out for some of his foes.


Thanx Kerridoc, it seams Quintus not for me either…

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