Best possible defense in my roster

Which heroes should i max next?
What’s the best achievable defense considering my roster?

I was thinking something like:

CJoon/Onyx or Ursena/Frigg/Mitsuko or Tyr/cobalt.

But before investing time and resources I’d like a wider range of opinions.
As usual thanks for the help

Right now, or longterm?

Right now, IMO:

cJoon | Ursena | Telluria | Fenrir | Marjana

Ursena and Fenrir work extremely well together, because Ursena hits harder when enemies have HP>50% and Fenrir is the opposite.


You could try a center with Onyx, Frigg and Cobalt instead. I think that is just as viable as the center I presented above.

Long-term as an improvement of what i currently have now…

Who would u use on wings longterm?

Fenrir might be better to move to wing eventually, and maybe put JF as flank.

The two 5* ninjas you got could work but do also keep in mind that fewer than more times they may just unnecessarily hold their skill.

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Are the two ninjas worth it offensively?

They most definitely are imo.

Their attack stats are huge (great for stacking), they have very strong damage output with skills and they are flexible in that you can either use them as v fast or average (or v slow but I would not try that too often)

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Onyx Frigg - Tyr - Ursena - Cobalt

Tyr role is to be fast and hold tank position for as long as possible.

Frig deff downs to other 3 big hitters.

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Ninjas are best for offense with so much variety

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Heroes you should max next…

Forget defence - Miki and Tarlak.

Firstly because it’ll improve titan scores, vital part of getting more mats.
Secondly… Miki is MVP on events - silence bosses, go to town, win. Rinse, repeat… And Tarlak is no slouch either.

These are great heroes and get a lot of use.


A little update…
I moved emblems to tyr and trying in out insted of marjana.
Maxed my cobalt and my frigg.
The idea is to go with frigg tank and ursena flank and vice versa.
I thought that maybe ursena tank would be better but i d like some more feedback on that.
My defense would look like this


Atm im using Joon,ursena,telluria,tyr,cobalt

Should i change or stay with what i have?

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C joon, onyx, telly (untill next nerf), ursena, marjana.

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G.kong- cobalt-Frigg-ursena-c.joon

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@AnRui @Mallix uses Ursena as a tank quite successfully. He can give you insight.

Maybe, he can comment on your defense per his own experience.


I think it really depends on which tank you want to use and how your emblems stack. All the suggestions above would work. I think chose which tank you want to use and max it based on that. With frigg, alfrike, ursena, and heimdahl on your roster, and of course Telly, you have great possibilities.

My defense that @JAWS1 mentioned is holding 2550-2625 depending on the day. However after two weeks I dip down 2550 more than I’d like. I think it would stay about 2600 if I had frigg maxed. I had Guinevere in for a week and that team did worse. I have consider doing alfrike too.

If you put a ninja on defense, I think they should be flank.

Overall you have lots of choices.


Oops! Sorry @Darkness11! I did it again! Way too many threads and defenses out there! Hahaha! :wink:


Did what again? That photo above is my d currently…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do u think which of these three options is better?

I think they can all hold me in diamond but which you think as the best synergy?
Imo the mitsuko one is intriguing but, before i swap my emblems i d like a feedback.

Also i the mitsy team i could replace lianna with kingston

I think all three are good, the Telly or ursena are prob a little better

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I like the 3rd option if you put Rogue emblems on Frigg. I also like the 2nd option with Frigg in place of Telluria.

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