Best possible DEF Team with my Heroes

Hello Guys,

i am very unhappy with my actual def team - its bad, or at least it looses too often…

Perhaps u can provide me a better team or maybe the best possible team with my actual heroes.
And give me some hints about how to place them and the most important what i really should looking for as a missing heroe that really will improve my Def Team.

So now the list of possible Heroes:

5*: Marjana 3/70, Grazul 3/70, Azlar 3/70, Mitsuko 3/70
4*: Wilbur 4/70 +5, Sturmfang 4/70 +5

5*: Alberich 3/70
4*: Peters 4/70 +5, Gadeirus 3/60 , Kashrek 3/60, Caedmon 3/60, Melendor 4/70 +5

5*: Frida 3/70, Magni 3/70
4*: Triton 3/60, Sonya 4/70 +5, Boril 3/60, Kiril 4/70 +5, Grimm 3/60

5*: Obakan 1/50, Hel 4/80 +3
4*: Merlin 3/60, Tiburtus 4/70 +5, Rigard 4/70 +5

5*: Onatel 3/70, Justizia 1/50, Joon 3/70, Guinevere 3/70
4*: Li Xiu 4/20, Wu Kong 4/70 +5

That are my possible hearoes. All of them are at least leveled to 3/4 Steps maxed out.

All other heroes i have not mentioned here are not leveled so they wont help me now, thats why i don’t mention them here.

Thanks for now. If anything is missung just tell me i will add the information u need.


PS: What i really would like to know hypothetic: Whats the ultimate best Def Team possible in this game?
Same for Offensive?

On defense, assuming all maxed, I would use Alby Magni Guin Hel Marj.

If any are at only 3/70 then that would change, and you’re not clear on that. Maxed fours are generally better than fives at 3/70. If you give more detail on levelling of the fives (if this team isn’t fully there) that would help

As far as offense, with that many great tools in your toolbox you have enough to pick from to target the defenders. A good rule is three on the tank, two in the most dangerous flank. But there is no such thing as an optimal attack team IMHO, you have to choose on synergy and target stacking

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I added the lvl progress in the first Post

My actual Def Team is:

Marjana - Kiril - Hel - Onatel - Peters

Well that changes things! With so few ascended fives, most of the 3/70 ones aren’t that relevant in defence.

Hel is clearly best at tank as she is 4/80, but she isn’t the best tank you have if fully ascended. Obviously that is Guin. If you’re wanting the strongest defense she gets the darts. Onatel is not a bad tank either and has more general utility so you could put eitherup, it’s up to you.

I don’t think defence should be your focus though. You seem to be midgame, so overall utility in the fives you choose is more important. A defense that holds Diamond can wait

Li when fully ascended (I see she is on the way) is better than a 3/70 Onatel. But for your first darts I think a Onatel not Guin

With red and blue I’d either go Magni and Mitsuko or Marjana and Frida. I think you need at least one big sniper raised up

Green should be Alby

I wouldn’t spend tabards on Obakan, he is a bit crap. My read is you do a few pulls so hopefully something better will come

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Great summary from Infinite, put in the 5 stars into defense only once they are in final ascension, maxed 4s are stronger at this point. For now I would suggest to run Sonya-Boldtusk-Hel-LiXiu-Peters (max Li Xiu as you already ascended her).

You mean in That color or in general where do i have the biggest lag of Heroes what Color

Purple. The rest is pretty good, lots of nice options.