Best position for Elkanen in a defense?

Title says all. I plan on using him in a field aid defense once I get him to 3-70. Same with Leonidas, although this is mainly for info about Elkanen. Any suggestions are welcome and much appreciated. :grin::+1:

Best position - bench :rofl:

Field aid wing, att boost flank, arrows tank.


Beat me to it.

But agree, wing


Both of you beat me to it…
Although I disagree with both assessments…I say other wing…


Don’t you have Kingston? I know you pulled him. So, King as flank in defense and when the time will come, in the distant future, Elk only in atk. It’s something else when you control him, not AI. Or maybe you will get some better green heroes till then. The biggest mistake for a new player is to focus in levelling 2 heroes of the same colour at once. And if you get Melendor, you should stop Kingston as well, because I know you don’t have a single 4* healer.

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@Scarecrow If I get Melendor or Rigard or both, I will be super happy.

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