Best players of the event


My proposal is: add another top 100 chart on the next event that is the summation of every single player of the previous 3 charts that we already know (low score is better, of course).
This way people have to choose if they want to spend their energy only in their best category or invest in both 3 to get a chance in this score. All three charts have equal importance in that score.

If it’s too much of a hassle to keep that chart constantly updated, you can just let it pop up at the end of the event.


Would this be only to add another chance of ascension materials?

Not really sure I see the point of another combined top100


I’m confused by what is gained on this?

It’s vanishingly unlikely someone is going to try for top 20 call it even in 2 let alone 3 events; fact is trying to compete in multiple ones is almost absurd given the amount of WE involved as a result of board luck.

I will basically clear both Intermediate and Advanced next time, and if my score is respectable in one of them, focus on that… or if not, just chalk up the completion wins and call it good. I expect the next ones to be more competitive anyway now that people know what’s up.


That’s exactly the purpose of this chart.
While probably top players had already their hands full to fight for top positions on intermediate and/or advanced, the other people, even if they don’t placed in 100 of that charts can aim to a big price. Let me do an example:

Player 1: Advanced n.1 place, Intermediate n.18 place, beginners not placed (200.000) = Final score 200.019
Player 2: Advanced n. 230 place, Intermediate n. 61 place, beginners 112 place = Final score 403 ( ! )

Many people ask for better rewards for beginners.
I propose that people who are quite good in all category get better rewards instead.


I’m thinking everyone will try for every category they can…and they’ll get the rewards for each category. Why should they get MORE rewards than they already will, winning multiple times? scratches head :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I give myself an Honorable Mention. LOL


I give myself a “Wait, she entered? What the hell happened?!” :grin:


You effectively can’t, and that wasn’t the design goal really anyway.

I recognized a bunch of people at the top of the Advanced chart; I recognized 3ish at Intermediate, and 0 on Beginner.

Designed as accessible for different folks, compete regardless of how much you’ve completed (except for the brand spanking new folks). Unless you are spending for world energy, you rationally can’t really compete in multiple.

I finished somewhere around 14th in Advanced; I had about 60-80 world energy that I spent outside of the event over the course of the few days… and that was more than most because I wasn’t going for a top slot, and only went for top 20 as I somehow wound up there after clearing and then staying there for the next day.

That’s enough energy to clear through Intermediate (had the awkward split between 4/5* heroes and couldn’t make a team out of the 4’s alone) but it’s not enough for beginner. If I hadn’t been competing for a top 20 slot in Advanced, I probably would’ve had enough world energy to clear all 3, and that’s a good design criteria too.
Also had the rewards been superlative for beginner, you would’ve seen a lot of the big spenders chase that as well to the detriment of the rest of the player base. As it was, I had to go way down both lists to find common names on Advanced and Intermediate, there just weren’t that many of them and that’s a good thing.

I think the format was fine as it is; I think the loot awarded should be a bit more generous to all levels other than #1, but the relative weighting between Advanced / Intermediate / Beginner and the separation engendered by natural world energy regen were both pretty well designed.


Again, thats exactly the purpose of it. That’s not a chart designed to be another price for the winners of the single category.
As you stated, to be competitive you have to spend a lot of energy (expecially on advanced), energy that you can’t spend for the other levels.
But there are many players that are in a sort of limbo, a position where you have nothing to fight for because the reward doesn’t change. Position such 60/70 or 200/300, where you are too distant from the next step and same for the lower once.
You are there and that’s ok.
This chart give a reason to fight always, because every single improvement can lead to a better price always.

On the past event i try to compete in all 3 charts, and placed top 100 in 2 and n.200 in the third even without knowing how it works. So believe me or not, it’s not impossible.

And if you are afraid that top players may fight on the beginners scale, let they do. It’s way more difficult get a good position in there then in advanced. Teams are way more balanced, and you don’t have hero of the months who makes the difference.


I don’t like this idea. Only players who are competitive at advanced could be competitive in this new “total category” They can already compete with each other in the advanced so it doesn’t really make any sense.


Top 100 is way different than top 20 in any TBH.

I would still stand by my comment you can’t score top 20 in all 3 without a large expense, and probably not in 2 though some absurd amount of luck might engender that.

I have problem with ideas that want to reward a specific particular playstyle that isn’t common: that’s awesome that you got top 200 in each one and 2/3 in top 100; however, this does honestly strike me as something to benefit you and a fairly small minority to Arien’s excellent point (if you can’t compete on Advanced you have no chance against someone who can compete on all 3) and that simply does not benefit anything remotely resembling a majority of the player base.

I know plenty of people that were trying to improve their scores on Advanced or Intermediate (I knew hardly anyone trying Beginner in game though obviously there was a lot of people who attempted it) even when they had no real shot at top 20; if I’m honest about it in retrospect, they had no shot at all, even people that I suspect are flatly better players than I am if you didn’t have the right hero lineup (purple heavy for example) you were in for a bad time. They were in it to challenge themselves to see how well they could do… that’s flatly different than my own viewpoint that if I can’t get to a specific reward tier there’s better things to do with the world energy.

Different goals, different play styles, different people… a new feature or idea should ideally benefit the maximum number of people possible in game, this change benefits incredibly few and as such I just can’t see it’s being a rational implementation.