Best place to spend auto-win tickets?

I know it’s a vague question but is there an undisputed best place to spend your tickets? In terms of Exp or rare mats or both.


I use them the most on 2-15-8 hard and 1-23-9.

Atlantis rises has reduced flag costs which is good for the loot tickets. The high backpack yield provinces are the go. You’ll be swimming in ascension and other great materials.

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Wait for Atlantis rises

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I like 12-9 to fill chests. But save as many as you can for Atlantis Rises

The best place and the best time: Season 2 Province 1 Level 10 Normal during Atlantis Rises. Crazy good loot.


What are the high backpack stages? I need a ton of those.

The best time to use
Is at dinner in a restaurant with your gf
And your WE is full


I agree on these 2 levels - season 2 hard at stage 15 level i gives you an incredible amount of soldiers - over 30 each ticket

I think best is to hold on to them until atlantis rises

S2 1-8 or 1-9. Do them on hard during Atlantis rises as its reduced WE costs

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S2-15-9 gives 20 recruits

Since last Atlantis, my TC is full of backpacks. Cause of lack ascension maths I still can’t use those. You don’t get so much 4* maths for ascension from all the purchases and loot. I’ll go for the last stages with much experience this time. What’s the point of having a load of feeders when you don’t have maths for the upgrade?

How many maths do you need? Lol… sorry but I love your typo.

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Mainly I’m lack of blades so that everything is on hold now. You can get those only from 100 bucks deals.

I use them when I accidentally wake up in the night :slight_smile: Quick jump into the game and getting back to sleep.

What level - it really depends on what you focus on at the given moment, e.g. I am currently farming s2 25-1 for two new avatars.

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