Best place to farm orichalcum nuggets?

The in-game tool-tip for nuggets says they drop starting in province 5. Does that mean province 5 is the highest drop rate for them? I read one guide here that suggests as much, but I’m not sure that’s true. Are the drop rates higher in higher-level zones?

I can auto-farm up to about province 18; after that I need to fight manually. But wherever I farm, I rarely seem to acquire these pesky orichalcum nuggets.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this!

I did get a few farming red monsters at 5-8

Orichalcum nugget begins to be found at Province 5.

I’ve also found them at 12-9 and elsewhere. Keep your eyes open and kill kill kill! :wink:

I see them rather often farming for backpacks in 5-8


Thanks for the replies. I know they can appear after region 5. I’m just wondering where they are most likely to appear. I don’t suppose anyone has kept track of nugget drop rates?

I ran a dozen missions in 5-8, as @havok333 suggests, and came up empty. But I’ll keep trying there, and in 12-9. I’ll probably just end up doing what I always do: farm for the other stuff I need, and hope nuggets happen to drop. It’s just that nuggets are the most important drop to me.

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