Best option?

Hi there. I have been playing for 3 months now and would like to ask you which of my 5 Heroes to strengthen because I do not know them. Thanks in advance.

Stick to the 4* hero’s.

Any others hidden below beyond the ones we can see?

Yellow - finish Wu.
Purple - IMHO Sabina and max her before Tibertus (you’ve already got defence debuff in Grimm, having multiple healers will help you.
Red - Colen. I don’t see anything else there and you won’t have mats to max a 5 yet.
Blue - Mireweave. There’s no point continuing with Vela unless you have the mats to max her out.
Green - Caedmon.


Looks like you have a great start there!

Don’t know your full list of heroes - but my two cents -

Focus first on building out your 4 star teams - they’ll let you finish many of the map stages, hit titans, do well in wars, complete events, etc.

A few that are particularly helpful.

  • Wu - best for titans unless you have tarlak, miki, ranvir, or gazelle
  • healers - they’re all helpful in own way - try to have one per color - boldtusk and rigard especially
  • ramming pulverizers - tibs, gormek, Grimm, buddy - all great for many purposes
  • dispellers - sonya or melandor or Sabina - super helpful for raids / wars
  • mana control - in season 1, that’s chao and li xiu - both fine - but the event and season 2 options (Hansel and Gretel, proteus, MerlĂ­n), all better
  • season 2/3 heroes - most of them are also great - any of the S3 ones, plus Wilbur and proteus if you’ve got them from season 2.

Priorities - I’d go wu, then the S2/s3 4 stars, then down the list above.

Would suggest waiting on 5 stars until you’ve built at least a couple of rainbow 4 star teams


In order to complete (or compete) in challenge events and some raid tourneys, you’ll also need teams of 3*s. At 3 months into the game, I understand itching to level up your more powerful heroes, but as others have said, you won’t have the materials to ascend them yet.

2 or 3 full teams of 3*
2 or 3 full teams of 4*

Then think about 5’s.


I echo the others (@BubblesUK, @Deuce, and @Raghadorn) in working your 4*s first. Lock the 5 stars, be thankful that you got them, and put them away for now.

The only thing I would suggest to do differently is at 3 months in you should probably work to get 20-30 maxed 3 stars first so that you can compete in wars. Then do the same with 4 stars, and then finally do it with the 5s


Tbh I wouldn’t go quite so heavy on the threes…

You want enough to finish events to begin with (2-3 per colour so you can work around reflected colours and stack a bit, so 10-15 total), you may later want 4-5 per colour if you intend to compete higher up the leaderboards.

Beyond that… 4’s at 3.60 will typically outperform the maxed 3’s, so I’d probably work on topping up the war teams with 4* 3.60’s (which can later be maxed).
(Note: 5 at 3.70 don’t follow the same pattern - maxed 4 will outperform them**)

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