Best Oni Blessings

In your opinion what are the best blessings to choose in the ninja tower? I’m focusing on mana and attack, but there are not always these options.

Another doubt, 5% mana per turn means that the heroes will gain 5% mana directly or increase regeneration every 5 turns?


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I’ve read some great tutorial here and it mentions mana generation is the best, followed by increased crit chance. I agree, you’ll need to keep up with damage in later stages so faster mana and healing is probably good. Crit as well, as it doubles the damage. There are also mana injections every 5 turn, which may be useful too. I like minions, but I don’t have many minion creators myself, so that’s why.

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Priority in order: +Mana, +Crit, +Mana every 5 turn, +Att, HP every 5 turn.
Based suggestion by @madmarv, in the FAQ thread:
:japanese_castle: [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion


Yep, that is the tutorial I meant. Great one. Kudos to @madmarv !


I’m ignoring Madmarv’s advice (somewhat) and actually prioritizing crit over mana myself, but I agree those two are the best ones.

Attack probably as well since in the later floors it doesn’t look like there will be a lot of options to natively buff your match power.


I’m going with the following in order of priority:

  • Attack - there is a premium on fast kills, and permanent
  • Mana - same reason
  • Mana every 5 turns
  • Critical Chance
  • Minions - they quickly rise up to +15% or +20% attack/HP.

I have picked attack and defense
Then the mana one.(permanent).

Im unsure about picking those that are only every 5 turns

I’m actually going for critical chance and mana every 5 turns, followed by attack and 50 health every 5 turns.

This is the summary of the blessings I picked. Started with mana, then minions


Worked pretty well for me


My actual team+bonusses

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I’m about to bring in Gregorion for the gran finale :slight_smile:

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