Best Nicknames for Heroes



Yet in that outfit there’s a hint of drake Fong :laughing:


Leaping attack activated!!


Well I just think you two are being Hobbitist

Frodo had a bada** teenage mo for sure. That counts as a beard. Ergo, Hobbits have beards…


I use Green Gandalf for Melendor.

Genghis Khagan for Khagan.

Corpse Bride for Sabina.

White walker/GoT dude for Aegir…

Rocker dude for Colen

I’ll post more when I remember.


I love Genghis Khagan!

And yeah, Aegir totally looks like he’s about to storm Castle Black.


On a side note, Prisca looks like a pissed off Demi Levato hahaha


Boldtusk : Sturmfang, that’s his name in the German version of the game and it just sounds so badass.

Friar Tuck: Broeder Suck, in the Dutch version of the game he’s Brother (Broeder) Tuck, and he frankly sucks, so yeah, that’s how we call him.


Is this ‘storm fang’?

I agree this should be new official name in English too!!


Kiril - Sindri
Boril - Brok

In memory of the dwarves of GOW.

Hansel - Van Helsing
Boldtusk - Bebop
Alasie - Cool Mei
Quintus - Dr Cortex
Gadeirus - Guardian on crack
Chao - Little finger
Merlin - Vincent Price
Cyprian - MJ
Captain Kestrel - Jack Sparrow
Horghall - Groot
Joon - Dhalsim
Zeline - Rule 34


Gravemaker = general Grievous
Sumitomo = Darth Maul
Danzaburo= Ewok


3 Stooges. ——> Aegir, Boss Wolf, Thorne. So inept.


Colen for Qui Gon Jin?


Any of the human Jedi, Ben Kenobi, Anakin.


We need Star Wars event, May 4th, purple 5* Palpatine , special = lightning force. Red 5* Darth Vader, special = light sabre strike, 4* Yellow 3CPO special = talk you to boredom, 4* blue = R2D2 , special = Shocks, stunned victims and nearby for 3 turns. And all hero are not very fast but super fast, light speed fast.


Copyrights would making it impossible…


I also think of Hansel as Van Helsing!


Aslan is a good nickname for Azlar.
Like a macho Aslan but still


I’ll add one more from our alliance:

Ulmer Fudd and therefore simply Fudd

And I’m starting to think of Zimkitha as Himkisser


Mel Brooks “Spaceball” got away with it, ‘may the Schwartz be with you’
Talk about copy right, come on Drake Fong ?


Fang has multiple meanings in German. One refers to carnassial teeth. Not the tusk, but the set of teeth that can grab like a talon (another meaning of Fang in German). It’s not a straight literal translation.