Best month to spend Atlantis coins

Over the weekend (after several prior failed attempts), I finally had the gumption to attempt again the final Ursena battle on AR hard and low and behold, I finally beat the sea witch. That being said, I have never bothered with the AR hard map as I thought it was an exercise in futility. I now have an entire path of Atlantis coins on my horizon which I intend to complete before starting season three.

But I digress, what upcoming month would be best in which to start spending said coins? March and April (except for the possibility for Alaise) seem to be a waste in my opinion, and so I am torn between May (GM and Ranvir), June (Gregorian and Seshat) and July (Drake Fong and Miki). I personally am leaning toward June as I have always coveted Seshat, but am I a fool for passing up GM or Miki (currently am depending on Wu Kong for titans)?


I go for June. I have so many red 5* heroes, so I’m not that interested in GM and Seshat is amazing…I wanted her so bad and didn’t get her :slight_smile: but that’s my opinion. I’d say, it depends if you are in need of GM or whoever…

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Personally I’m not in a rush for anymore red heroes, we mostly see blue tanks in wars and I’m currently using BK as my raid tank with decent results.

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I would echo the statement for June since all the anticipated featured heroes would be great (Gregorian, Seshat, Misandra & Poseidon).

I would then consider July as I would consider 3 of the 4 excellent (Drake Fong, Miki, Ariel & Mok-Arr [who’s niche]).

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Funny you say that @AngelOfDark666, I’ve been on a roll of getting EVERY Hotm since I summoned 3 Frida’s, Seshat was my most coveted Hotm which I failed to summon (the only one I actively tried to get). Since then the only other HotM I failed to summon was Vela simply because she would have been a fantastic flank for my Yunan.

Now speaking of GM, he is my current holy grail. He’s avoided me more than Wilbur and Proteus had previously (and that was a painful exercise in futility trying to summon those 2) of course when I had finally given up hope of seeing either of them they both appeared in a 10 pull and then immediately gave me duped of both next Atlantis :joy:

I pulled JF (poor mans GM per @Rigs, which I 100% agree with after the Nerf from beta) but what I would give to have GM (Kage too) on my Roster.


I agree that June looks like a good month, generally (without taking into account a specific player’s roster and AM’s): Seshat, Gregorion, Misandra, and Poseidon. Those are all pretty useful additions to any roster.

Personally, I already have Seshat and Joon (a good enough Poseidon), so my plan was to wait until July: Mok-Arr, Ariel, Drake Fong, and Miki. However, I was surprised to find an Ariel in this month’s Atlantis, so I may push to August.

August should be Inari, Ursena, Khiona, and Grazul, any of them would be great additions for me. I have a stack of Sorcerer emblems and would love to land Ursena, who I think is one of the more powerful heroes in the game. I have no five star rogue (and no likely pathway to one until Marjana comes out of TC 20), so an addition there would be nice (also that means I’m growing my rogue emblem stack). Either would be a good titan add and a new skill set - I have no dodgers or berserkers. And Grazul I was unable to draw at the first time out, to my dismay. The lack of a red cleanser (Zim) or blocker is probably the second or third biggest gap in my roster, currently. That’s actually part of the reason I wanted JF - I don’t care about the burn because I already have GM, but wanted the defense down protection. An all ailment protector would be even better.

But all of this may be academic - I’m wondering if the pattern will change with S3 being imminent.


Playing S2 hard a lot lately basically using all WE unless POV changes that.
Dunno when I’ll use me coins haven’t really thought about it. Only at Provence 10 so got along time till completed. Plus have enough to work on for a while!
I’d say if there someone you may wanna try pull go for it,

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If you care about titans at all, it’s July by a mile.

No single hero can transform an area of the game as much as Miki will.

Pair that with Ariel, the best healer in the game and Drake, the best overall yellow hero (OK that’s more of a personal opinion, but one I feel strongly about). You might get Mok-Arr but it’s worth the gamble.

June is nice in that you have 4 solid heroes and no complete duds. But only Seshat is a standout at the level of the July heroes.

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I got every HOTM since Gregorian except for Grimble…and I haven’t lost any sleep over not pulling him.

As for returning HOTMs, Gregorian, Alasi and Seshat are awesome. I dont have Alasi, but I will be pulling for her.

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Quite honestly, idk what month I will be waiting for yet as I do not quite have the majority of HoTMs. Only ones I got are Kingston and Grimble. Would love to have Seshat, GM, and Jean but I do not anticipate getting any 5 star HoTMs anytime soon as I got an Elkanen dupe from a TC 20 recently.

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And you almost have Kingston at max!! Woooooo