Best month in years for me in EP

I must have hit the luck jackpot this month.
I planned on using my keys to do a 10 pull in costumes but on first one got Wu costume and hotm who I chased in ToL to no avail with 16x coin pulls and 5 gem pulls. So getting her was great esp since my only max red 5 is mitsuko with Khagan and elena at 3.70. Also I have 28 rings.

Today our alliance got a 12* rare blue unicorn and from B loot I got compass, d blade and the bonus scope. Then I open my titan chest and another D blade pops out.
Here’s the screen shots:

Seems like every time I’m at my breaking point of boredom it happens like this:

I don’t have many 5s but he ones I have are great outside of all s1 but marjana!. Grimble, Glenda, Yang Mai, Krampus, mitsuko, Frigg. And I have all the good costumes too, all the 4* healers but Sabina, caedmon, plus peters who helps with proteus. Only Wilbur is missing.

So I’m not here to brag but to report tht days of misery are many so enjoy the few rewards as theyre very rare!. I’m in beta and I can summon over and over as I it was real and sometimes I can pull the event heroes right away and other times I can do over 100 or more with NOTHING so that reminds me to enjoy the real game and the wins. 3 months into ha10 with nothing isn’t good but plenty are worse off. I’m holding this luck holds until his wed when I collect number 13 and get either marjana or a good non s1.

Good luck to you all and enjoy the little wins!


Gongrats on the nice loot m8 :smiley:

This is actually an issue that regulators are addressing: the possibility that loots are related to game habits.
Not saying SG does it, but it could be easy for a game developer to model gaming habits in order to understand who is ready to leave and hook him back in (connection time, flags usage, frequency of summons, chat keywords and whatnot).

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Congratulations, man. I hope the luck spreads to all. More power to you.

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Congratulations!! However, i regret to inform you that you have used up all the luck that has been alloted to you for the next 28.76 years… haha!! Just kidding mate! Congrats!!


Funny thing is I’m in beta and I can run summons over and over and it’ll sometimes go very long with nothing good and others it’ll pop multiples. Problem is beta isn’t real and I can reset and get the 10k gems plus my coins or keys back so even if I’m lucky in there it’s no guarantee.
And I’ve seen people who post that they are addicted which I could easily see how it happens. I get nervous when I finally use my saved up coins or keys etc and feel mad if nothing comes up which has happened way more than. getting a hero.


April I got nothing then nothing again. And again.
Then I suddenly got the green and blue mana troops I was missing, in one tenpull.
Thought it might take years, like for others,
Luckey streak I thought, so made a single pull and got Killhare.
Now thinking I need to go F2P since my luck is used up.

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