Best level to farm in Atlantis for XP?

Surely its the last one right? if you have a bunch of loot tickets that is.

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Wouldn’t it depend on what you’re farming for?

I use Atlantismas time for backpacks in province one. I think Barry has a comprehensive list of the different provinces and stages within each that are statistically better for the various types of farmables.

Good Point.

Forgot to mention that I am solely looking to gain my player level experience and couldn’t care to much about Resources.

Ahhhhhh fair enough.

Here’s a link to Barry, et al, monumental farming guide.

EDIT: Not sure if this is the latest version, but should still help. Search for “Barry farmz” if you want to read up on their endeavours.

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Thanks bud. This will help.

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No worries. @BarryWuzHere and his mates deserve all the praise.

EandP books on youtube guideline 27.9 or 9.9 9.10…i havent got to province 27 so i loot mostly 9.9 9.10

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Outside of AR as far as I know it is the highest level you can complete but AR throws that off as the WE cost reduction is a flat 3 WE. So 3 WE off a level that costs 6 WE is a 50% cost reduction while a 3 WE reduction on a level that costs 10 WE is less than a 30% reduction. Looking at it another way on a 6 WE stage the 3 WE reduction doubles the XP per WE while on a 10 WE stage it’s only a 40% increase in XP per WE.

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I do easy 1.9 for backpacks and wooden swords.

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S2 1.9 easy. Sorry …

If experience is all you’re after, you should be farming 1-23-11 (about 405 exp per flag; 2837 total)

As far as I know, there’s no other level [in the game] that beats that (outside of AR)

& During AR, 9-10 normal; 640 per flag

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If you want to optimize your loot tickets and do not mind the WE cost (i.e. mostly infinite WE using flasks/gems refill) you should consider farming S2 27-9H or even S2 27-10H.
S2 27-10H costs 12 WE and gives 4650XP where as S2 27-9H costs 11 WE and gives 4550XP.
This is the maximum XP you can earn for one loot ticket during AR.
Those levels are also the ones that give most iron & food per loot ticket.

Here is another spreadsheet from Barryz, the sheet named “AR data per run (loot ticket)” gives the same information than the classic Barryz farm spreadsheet but per loot ticket instead of per WE: