Best level to farm Fables of Grimforest

What’s the best level to farm on Epic for Fables?


Can you be a bit more specific, as to what item/s you are wanting to farm? :woman_shrugging:.

Best exp and monster chest farming is Rare-3

Some coloured chests are much quicker farming the low levels of Rare and Epic. Check the guide for which level has the mob colours you’re after.

For recruits, troops and feeder heroes, best is again the low levels of Rare.

For suspicious chests, there’s not really been any pattern or “best spot” seeing as it’s random. It does seem that the higher rarity and higher levels are better but… It’s random so there’s no right answer.

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IIRC Rare-3 is the best XP/WE Flag in the game. It also has reasonable Backpack and feeder Hero drops.

When you consider it’s just one WE Flag it also makes it the best spot to farm for Suspicious Chests considering you get 8 monsters (that could turn into Chests) for a single WE Flag.

After completing each one of Rare, Epic, and Legendary I just put Rare-3 on Auto-play over and over and over…

In my completely undocumented experience Rare-3 has the most pitiful odds for a chest. I had much better luck doing levels 4 to 9 even accounting for the two or three times energy cost.

I’m glad that worked for you.

But once you go to Rare-4 and beyond you’re getting ~half the XP, ~half the backpacks,~half the feeder Heroes, etc. that you get from Rare-3 (all per WE Flag). Even if the odds of a Suspicious Chest were twice as good in Rare-4 I’d still stick to Rare-3 for the overall better rewards. But I haven’t seen anyone post real data documenting that any level is better than others for Suspicious Chests.

@Guvnor @Mariamne @BarryWuzHere Is there any data collected anywhere for the farming breakdown for these events other than just XP and monsters? I’m sure you guys are right that the lowest levels of rare probably do have the best rewards per WE, just curious on the data per level, as well as maybe other items (esp recruits but also adventure packs/practice swords, etc). Also mildly curious on R1 vs R2 vs R3 (yes, I’m that meticulous lol).

I didn’t do it this time but might start tracking data next event when I’m not busy trying score better…

There hasn’t (as far as I’m aware) been a concerted effort to gather data on the event stages.

I believe there is some graphic floating around which shows the exp gained per stage if you search for it hard enough.

As for the difference between the three (R1-3) it’s really only on experience. The recruits and material/crafting item rolls is 3 across all stages (some combo of ascention and crafting items. E.g. 2x craft, 1x ascension. Or 3x craft, 0x ascension).

Recruits and feeder rolls seem to be much of a muchness.

For feeder heroes Rare-3 is the best hands down. Also for XP, but that is not that interesting for many. Definitely not for Chest Monsters as it is way too slow.

Slow yes but cheap. Costs just 10WE to fill a monster chest. That’s less than half the next best at S1-7-4

Eh I meant Suspicious Chests. And it’s 11 energy technically for regular chest.

Nitpicky, but 10 WE is 99 monsters isn’t it?

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Actually I made mistake too. It should be 12 Energy for 108 monsters (11x9 = 99 so not enough).

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