Best level to farm at after the update?

I used to farm at level 8.7 but from the update 1.7 I have heard more and more people complaining about reduced rewards. So if you want to share, at what level you farm usually now?

8-7 still gives me plenty of backpacks and swords if that’s what you’re looking for.

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I still do 8-7 for monster chests and try and target the ‘increased chance for (item) in province (number)’ for specific items I need.

I like 7.4 for farming

8-7 for recruits. All over the provinces for “shtuffs”. 5-8 for backpacks for sure!

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8-7 on auto does it for me for the Monsters Chest.

:+1: to what Rook said plus 12-9 for chainmail / tall boots etc and occasionally 13-5/6 hoping for something good :grinning:

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I used to farm on 12 a lot

Got a lot of scabbards and battle manuals

12-9 for plenty of recruits for the energy.

18-9 tends to give good quality general mix of items/materials (but needs decent team to auto-farm… I tend to do it manually to be safe)

I do 16-9 for compromise between energy, experience, recruits and reasonable quality items, which I can still safely auto-play.

Haven’t experimented too much with farming lower levels for lower energy, but prefer post-12 levels because the higher tier items are unlocked from that stage.

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13-6 isn’t a bad choice to farm the monster chest as well. I recommend it as a good spot around level 22-24.

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I’m pretty sure all items unlock after level 5, so lower levels u use less energy and I think it’s untrue that items are more likely at certain levels I haven’t found that to be true at all which is aggravating. I want iron bars. And wood planks for battle items and it’s hard to get a bunch.

I consistently farm 5-8, 8-7, 12-9 and 13-6. Lower levels for backpacks/swords and recruits and the higher levels for xp

No, some items are only available after higher levels.
At a glance the following are only available from Province 12 onwards: Battle Manual; Chainmail Shirt; Scabbard; Tall Boots
Some are only available from Province 8 onwards: Arcane scripts; Dagger; sharpening tools

Crafting incredients all available from province 5 onwards, except: Dragon bone (province 6) and Meteor fragments (province 7)

So to have guarantee of finding all farmable items you need to go from Province 12. To be sure of finding all crafting ingredients, it’s from province 7.

So 8-7 is still a good one for me… I’m not too short of the ascension materials only available from 12.

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