Best hunting grounds + monster chest filler


Which map do you guys use to fill up your regular monster chest? I have 30 energy and can go on a 4 energy map 7 times or 5 energy map 6 times. Which is a good map to ensure I fill up the chest in one round? Preferably something that gives good loot as well.

The ones that I been doing all this time are 8-7 (3 flags), 13-6 (4 flags) and 16-8 (5 flags).

8-7 seems to be giving less loot these days. 16-8 will not get me 100 in 1 round. That leaves 13-6. IS there anything better?


I know certain places are supposedly good for certain things, but I always farm 13-6.


I switch between 11 - 6 and 13 - 6. The best Monster count was 16 Monsters in 11 - 6.


8-7 fills it up with energy left over. Trick is enemy/energy so hitting 3 energy levels is most efficient


8-7, 9-1, 13-6 are my go to’s.

Revelate calculated that 8-7 was doing about 10% less since v1.6, but that’s still pretty hefty, even so. :wink:


7-4 is my go to for a quick fill monster chest. I have gotten between 14-18 monsters per session. The loot is typical for lower levels. I just like to fill chests as quick as I can and this does it.


I like 12.9, same kind of loot as 13.6, but without keeping statistics I think I get more backpacks and swords on that than 13.6, and its good for boots and chain mails too.
I mainly farm 8.7,12.9 and 13.6, for the monster chest


This is good info. Thanks all.


13.6 for filling the chest and 12.9 for farming of goodies…these have been my go to spots since I could farm them


7-7 is good to remember for String (Arrows). :wink: