Best heroes in the game: Def, Atk

Hi all,
what do you think are the best 4 and 5* heroes for atk and def in the game?

For F2Ps, the best heroes are the ones they have. No issues there.

For paying players, the best 5* are Frigg, Odin, Cobalt, Onyx, Garnet, Black Knight, Heimdall, Ursena, Lord Loki, Ariel, Guardian Gazelle, Poseidon, Kageburado, Jabbawock, Finley, Puss in Boots, Freya, Bera, Killhare, Master Lepus, Francine, Vanda, Mother North, Krampus, Santa Claus, Yunan, Rana, Miki, Kingston, Hel, Athena, Zeline, Gravemaker, Alasie, Drake Fong, Guardian Panther, Frida, Evelyn, Zimkitha, Onatel, Snow White, Alberich, Mitsuko, Skadi, Lady Loki, Tyr, Seshat, costumed Kadilen, costumed Lianna, and Ratatoskr, among others. As for 4* heroes, Proteus, Wilbur, Guardian Falcon, Guardian Jackal, Hansel, costumed Rigard, Boldtusk with maxed costume bonus, Sapphire, Ametrine, Gullinbursti, Lady Woolerton, Jack O’Hare, Buddy, Almur, Mist, Brynhild, Sumle, and Cabin Boy Peter’s, to name a few.


IMHO, best 5* for atk are Gravemaker (Red), Frigg (Green), Finley (Blue), Onyx (dark) and gazelle (Yellow)

Best 4* on atk are falcon (red), almur (green), proteus (dark), sonya (blue) and jackal (yellow)

Best 5* for def are BK (red), Telly (green), Krampus (blue), killhare (dark) and Mica (holy)

Best 4* def will be wilbur (red), buddy (green), frank (blue), c.rigard (dark) and gullinbursti (yellow)


Good choice. Thank you for your input.

I don’t want to poo poo on this question, but to me, there’s so much about team synergy and attack style that makes this tough to answer.

For defense - one way to break it down is about best X position for each color.

So, for example -
Green tank - probably Frigg or Heimdall
Blue wing - cobalt or Finley

There are a few guides out there that cover those ideas in pretty good depth.

For attack - i don’t think there are any “must-use-every-hit” heroes, because so much depends on the def configuration.

  • for example - against a telluria tank, I’d argue that Skadi is the best attack hero in the game. But put up any non minion hero, and she’s average at best

A few attack heroes that I find would make my teams more often than not though -

  • skadi / Grimble (against minion heroes) - for Grimble - best with slow dark heroes, or as a 1 or 2 in a 3-1-1 or 3-2 team
  • c rigard - tough to beat cleanse, attack up, healing in 9 tiles
  • malosi - against any mainly status effect tank (looking at you aegir and black knight)
  • mitsy - if Finley on their team
  • alfrike for any rush setup
  • … and plenty more
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Hansel for offense! Hansel is quite possibly my favorite hero in the game! I always put him on my team before my lvl80 unemblemed Lianna. If the target uses mana, Hansel kills it


For offence, any combination of def down, elemental def down, attack up and snipe. (Evelyn + Lianna / Elkanen ; Guardian Panther + Kage, Sartana…)

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Tarlak, Miki, Gazelle are essential too. Ranvir and Wu Kong can have a lot of impact but are not very reliable. They turn average offensive heroes in lethal weapons.

Frigg/Finley are one of my choices, too. Wilbur for sure. Tyr can be a one man army. Ranvir and Wu are ok if you don’t have Miki or Tarlak. This game offers so many options with the new Ninjas also.

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