Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles

I just put together my top 10 best heroes in empires and puzzles, and thought it’d be a fun idea to create a community poll.

I can only list 20 heroes, but hopefully there’s enough to choose from. Sadly, I can’t swap out the worst performing, so there will be some heroes missing.

You can vote up to 3 times, representing your Top 3 heroes. (This may help with the lack of diversity)

This poll is to find the best overall hero; -the hero who offers the most value/impact across the board.

It may prove an impossible task, but let’s give it a go.

Thank you for taking part!

  • Xnolphod
  • Quenell
  • Morel
  • Octros
  • Mother North
  • Faline
  • Penolite
  • Hannah
  • Costumed Alasie
  • Director Zuri
  • Ludwig
  • Milena
  • Diaochan
  • Krampus
  • Costumed Kadilen
  • Frigg
  • Elizabeth
  • Ruby
  • Mr. Pengi
  • Wolfgang

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I have 10 of these and didn’t vote for any of them…lol


They won’t be best for very long as the developers are greedy

I voted for Zuri, Ludwig, and Milena (i have none of them).

  • Zuri because she is the best healer in the game IMO.
  • Ludwig because his ability to eventually cause nearby heroes to fire every turn is huge
  • Milena because lol…at this point how can anyone think Milena isn’t the best all-around hero in the game!? She has a 50/50 chance at very fast to boost the mana of all non-ice allies by 25% along with a 100% chance to cause 25% heal and cleanse to all allies. Then if you weren’t already greedy, get to her 2nd charge and hit all enemies with the strongest (damage wise) hit-all attack in the game while also boosting all non-ice allies mana by 25% guaranteed :money_mouth_face:.
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Don’t forget that her passive affects all allies now. It has been changed in a previous “balance”.


Milena. She is a greedy hero and can do anything except ressurecting the dead.


Quintin should have been on the list, such a bad mammajamma


Fun poll - looking forward to see the results! I wish I had experience with just half of these, can I vote based on the art of each hero instead? :smile:


I don’t have a single one of these 20, so I’m just here for the results! :stuck_out_tongue: