Best heroes from season 3

I wanted to ask whole community in your opinion what are the the best heroes from season 3.

Now after season 3 has ended we could summarize what are the best heroes.

In my opinion:

  1. Frigg
  2. Odin
  3. Bera
  4. Gefjon
  5. Lord Loki
  6. Freya
  7. Skadi
  8. Alfrike
  9. Heimdall
  10. Ratatoskar

This my opinion, share yours.

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Best in what sense? The first 3 on your list are painful to meet in raid.

I have only Lord L and Rata.

Lord L is not particularly strong but the funniest hero I have.
I don’t use healer so Rata is on the bench at 3.70.

Happy gaming

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Golden Battle Boar

Excellent heroes that have caused zero forum rage


Agree with that order best season 3…
IMO… seperate with color.
Red: Gefjon, Lady Loki, Tyr
Blue: Lord Loki, Skadi
Green: Frigg, Heimdall
Yellow: Odin, Thor
Purple: Bera, Freya, Alfrike

4* heroes: Almur, Mist, Gullinbusrti, Brynhild
3* heroes: Nordri, Grevle, Kvasir, Ei-Dunn, Bjorn


Depends what your basing them on. I think the rat is excellent especially against titans, he’s also a rare green actual healer

Also…no love yet for Tyr.

He’s the best one man army in the game. He regularly grinds down three enemies and turns them to mincemeat.

Excellent entertainment


Generally, what are best heroes from season 3 no specific use.

Generally best to summon from season 3.

I like Lord Loki as well, just got him and I am prioritizing him over Krampus for max level.

My personal list of legendary heroes from most wanted to least wanted. ‘Best’ is tough as all heroes have different purposes and nuances, a hero bad for one thing is great for another. So this takes into account mostly the universal core utility combined with fun to play aspect, and of course is greatly subjective to my little roster and the areas of game I focus on the most.

Gefjon - second red sniper we awaited for couple years; with green tanks and minions everywhere it’s just perfect for the job
Alfrike - destroyer of very fast PVPs, but even outside of it incredibly fun to play; also the ultimate answer to any PVM and difficult boss stages
Lord Loki - versatile and most fun to play hero, provides everything you may lack in your squad
Frigg - fast AOE def down, rare for this element, and a monster in defense
Thor - interesting concept and alternative to Joon and Fong
Odin - fast AOE proving useful in defense, offensively not so effective imho as he will only not turn around a bad board, relying on it himself a lot
Tyr - decent red hitter and alternative to real sniper, annoying with class and reborn
Freya - minion maker, minion buffer and fast +30% defense. I don’t like how minions work in this game, if I did she’d probably be higher. But the more I play with her the more I like her, even if she’s the only minion creator in my team.
Bera - see above but lacks the def buff and the ailments provided by her minions are situational, I don’t see myself chasing her and fail to understand recent hype around this hero in top defenses; only annoying thing is mana cut at death
Heimdall - commonly seen and hardly a ‘bad’ hero, but I can’t get myself excited for him - he always felt like a worse alternative to other heroes in game and unfortunately I have them all already maxed so he is redundant to my squad.
Skadi - low initial dmg for average hero and requires a build up and specific circumstances to achieve top effectiveness; interesting when it unfolds, but I prefer more straightforward means to win; I feel she helps to win matches that are already won, but can’t turn the fight
Sif - again not a bad hero but yellow has so many passive supports and lacks dmg, especially in my own stack. She’s good for tournaments and will be interesting in raid formations, but personally I wouldn’t need her at all
Ratatoskr - great healer but else very situational hero for titans (normal and mythic). For healing, he got replaced in my stack by Mother North. For titans he’s amazing, but you can survive without him just as well.
Lady Loki - there was a point in meta where she was very useful, and she is still a lot of fun when she’s sending a dozen of ailments back at enemy team without a blink, but again using her effectively makes things difficult and requires some planning - while you can just take Marjana in that spot and murder the very ailment caster before they even fire. She’s also hungry for very valuable emblems and being so niche she is at the bottom of the priority list.
Baldur - unique concept, but feels underwhelming; too easy to shut him down, and not enough legendary heroes with HP boost to keep him firing; should be fast imho, no wonder he died first in the family
Fenrir - looks good on paper, in practice very difficult to use; deals his 600% dmg only when a hero is at HP range where 450% would be enough to kill them; gets decent when minions are in play. But you usually want sniper to get a head start in game, not to struggle with a mess mid way through
Norns - unique and interesting concept but I can hardly figure out a use for them. They’d need to be used as off color support in wars, but that doesn’t fit my play style at all. Perhaps one day we will have a purple tank meta with two yellow flanks and Norns will crawl out of their hole.

Honorable 4* mentions:


Honorable 3* mentions:



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