Best hero from every event

Finally worked out how to create a new topic- all I had to do was click the button on the homepage saying New Topic lol!

Just to let you know, I am still on a low level in the game and you may be a bit weirded out that a ‘beginner’ is talking about event heroes, but I just said ‘screw it! I’m a beginner but that doesn’t stop me from talking or reading about event heroes!’

I watch a lot of youtube videos about Empires and Puzzles and I therefore know a good enough amount about the event heroes.

But anyway, let’s not go off topic…

Which heroes do you think are the best from each event?

I’ll share mine.


Finley wins by a landslide.


Jabberwock. He will be the only hero in the game to target only the wings until season 4 comes around. His poison DOT at uncleansable is also sweet.


Black Knight’s Taunt, attack buff and Just A Flesh Wound makes him a strong tank and he is fairly significant in the current meta. I do have to give a shoutout to Lady Of The Lake as her minion’s mana cut is super effective.


In my opinion, Grimforest is the event which brings the most underwhelming heroes, but if I had to choose the best of the bunch, I’d go with Puss in Boots. He and Queen of Hearts make a pretty good pair. Snow White also definitely deserves a shoutout- I’ve never seen a more underrated hero in the history of this game.


Good against Titans and on offense, but not that great of defense, Guardian Gazelle works to your desire in multiple ways.


I guess we can all agree that Killhare takes the cake.


They’re all underwhelming. I would probably say the best would either be Yunan or Roc.


Either Vanda or Francine. They have similar specials regarding their status block/cleanse.


Krampus. Is he better than BK? I don’t know, I’m not a pro.


Too new. I’ll probs decide on one later.


If he goes off at 300% mana, Cobalt can oneshot your entire team.

Anyway, which is your favourite hero from each event?

Avalon: BK
Pirates: Finley
Guardians: Gazelle
Wonderland: Jabberwock
Grimm: Probably Puss
Villains: Toxicandra
Sand: Roc (but they are all subpar)
Halloween: Francine
Christmas: Mother North
Springvale: Killhare
Ninja: Cobalt


You may call yourself a beginner, but you’re dead on with almost all of your calls!

Guardians I have to go with Panther, simply because he’s the only dark element defense down hero in the game.

Christmas- Krampus is good, but Mama is still the queen. Her high resurrection chance has ruined me on more than one war attack.

Villains is new, but I’ll go with Toxicandra.


Agree mostly.

Panther is a beast!
And I have soft spot for Alice her attack down and hammer hit at fast is great.

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