Best healer synergy with telluria?


I would like to get your opinion amd see what if best healer to be flanked with telluria? Ive seen combination with Guin the most often, but which one is the best?

Telluria + rigard
Telluria + guin
Telluria + kunchen

Any other?

What are you most preffered combination in your teams and most hated when you see it while raiding and make you reroll?

She’s less common for sure, but Delilah makes a great flank, and complements the minions.

Flank the other side with Freya, and you’ve got an army.


Guin is there for mana cut…not for the heal. I would not take a second heal over time in the same team. Again the purpose of Guin is not to heal but to cut the mana further after the delay.

On offense I take regular Rigard (don’t have his costume anyway) together with Telluria. Though Rigards main purpose is to cleanse having both different types of heal on the same team is very effective.

If you are really looking for another healer together with Telluria (she probably doesn’t need a second one) go with instant heal.


If I see any healer flanking Telluria I start salivating because it’s almost always an easier win than the alternative. Telluria provides a lot already with her minions and HOT and I have yet to lose a raid specifically because of a secondary healer in there. There are certainly some that can work (Ariel with Ursena and Poseidon seems like the best to me), but in general I think running a second healer leaves too much damage on the table.


Faced a Telluria team with 2 other “healers”. Zimkitha flank and Kunchen wing. Simply could not kill them. Lost 3 times in a row.

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In a vacuum I think it’s Ariel. I’ve found her mana buff + Telluria’s mana impairment to be extremely annoying. But if you’re already flanking Telluria with Vela then you probably don’t want another blue flank. If your blue spot is already spoken for then I think I’d favor Kunchen.

I’m disinclined to Guinevere due to the conflicting HoT. I don’t think the mana synergy is enough, given that there are AI and timing issues. Rigard is great, but I don’t think I’d opt for him over a five star hero. So of the group you listed it’s Kunchen for me, kind of by default. That is, I’d prefer to just put in snipers or AoE attackers.

Normally I wouldn’t flank Kunchen because of his mana speed, but Telluria makes her flanks so likely to fire that I think I’d be okay with it. Deep heal and he produces an ailment, which is really what you want to slap the other team with. Telluria really challenges them to keep up and cleanse constantly, so just pack the field with ailment producers.

Worse defense I’m probably seeing so far is something like

Drake, Black Knight, Telluria, Vela, Gravemaker


Gravemaker, Freya, Telluria, Vela, Costumed Joon / Poseidon


This may be a little off-topic since it appears the OP is referring to defense, but I’ve found that Vivica works great on offense with Telluria. Once you fire both of them, you have a nice HP buffer in minions and a great +63% defense that can brush off any sniper hits. Yes, Vivica is slow, but if you build the offense to survive, you can last long enough to get this combo on a majority of raids. I’ve done a couple of variants for close to rainbow:

cSonya - Elena - Hel* - Telluria - Vivica
cSonya - Panther - Hel* - Telluria - Vivica

These work on heavily emblemed defenses as long as Telluria is not the tank. Kunchen, Ursena, Gravemaker, Guinevere, Richard, Boss Wolf, Aegir, Black Knight: doesn’t matter. Just not against Telluria tanks :stuck_out_tongue:

*Hel is +18, the others are less than +8

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Faced a similar one:

Magni, Black Knight, Telluria, Neith, Seshat

This was great. Lost 3 consecutive times. I was curious so I attacked again. Black knight draws the attention from Telluria. Magni protects Black knight with defense boost - very effective. Neith delayed the attack further with blind & mana cut and Seshat (together with Magni) killed my team.
Brilliant defense!

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You wouldnt flank Telluria with another healer in the regular pvp arena. You want to win the fight, it doesnt care if with 1 HP left or a whole 100% team left.

In war its another scene, because you would need to know with how many points a attacker crashes on your defense.
There i would go with kunchen. Because even a war defense with:
Hitter - kunchen - dead telluria - hitter - hitter
Can still be quite hard to beat

Explained deeper: its always regarding the “bad attacker board” possibility.
With Kunchen you do have a 0 point possibility.
Just 4 hitters that cant heal back will mostly loose 1 or 2 hitters even with quite bad boards.

And yes, in the top alliances its again different, because every player runs with 4000+ teams, even when he is doing cleans.

So many factors to be thought of.

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None, any healer you put with Tell makes the defense weaker.

Think a white rabbit ariel telluria grave maker jabberwok
Would be cool set up

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Yeah agree on that but the question is whst what healer would yah put

I run Kingston Ariel Ursena Tyr.

Ariel just blows reds out of the water with cleanse and mana regen up, and Ursena is good against yellows while making the enemy in kill range.

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Grazul + Telluria is fantastic on offense or defence…specifically against the DoT meta and the abundance of Telluria teams. Time it right and you’ve shutdown the damage output of GM and Vela and negated the other Telluria. Doesnt work all the time, but it is a pretty effective duo.
Also very effective against Kunchen tanked teams.

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