Best healer I have available

So I’m beginning to be a bit more methodical with my hero leveling and I want to pick a healer to level, currently I have Boldtusk, Ariel, Regard, Sabina, Melendor, and Kashrek. But I cant decide which one to level up because of my other troops. I have been leveling Boldtusk and Regard because of BT attack buff but his healing kinda sucks. Any suggestions? Here are my heroes:

Purple- Regard, Sebina, Cyprian, Tiburtis,Boss Wolf
Green- Skittleskull, Melandor, Caedmon, Kashrek
Yellow- Wu-Kong, Justice, Li Xui,
Red- Boldtusk, Wilbur, Sumitomo, Anzogh,
Blue- Boril, Frida, Grimm, Ariel,

Also any suggestions for War, Defense, Raids etc would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Rigard, Boldtusk, Ariel, Gandolf, Sabina, Kash, in that order.

Normally I’d say Ariel first, but since you’ve got Kiril, I’d do Rigard.

I also believe in building depth from the ground up, so get Rigard and BT leveled and operating for war depth while building Ariel.

Then go, Rigard, Frida, Justice, Anzogh, Caedmon.

Later swap Ariel for Rigard and shuffle the lineup so she’s not next to Frida.

Note: this is not Legal advice, merely my opinion as uncontested self-appointed voice of forum.


I feel I must contest the above voice of the forum, as @Oldford911 did in fact not mention having Kiril…

Do you have mats to take Ariel all the way now Oldford911? If not, I’d say @Kayo was spot on.


Voice recognizes that Kiril was imaginary, but I’m willing to stick with my late night non-legal advice.


No I dont, she is fairly new as of now… gaining feeders as well speak. Sabina and Regard are prob my two highest healers at the moment, neither of which is very high… wanted to get some clarity before I waste any more mats

Not sure if this helps… appreciate the help

Nothing better than what @Kayo said. Stick to that plan.


I’ll second that vote of confidence in @Kayo’s advice…or is it third??
Well whatever, you’ll find that Rigard will be one of your most useful heroes, especially in AW with Field Aid active :wink:

Edit: and BT will stay with you long after many of your 4*’s have been replaced by 5*’s


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