Best green hero sorcerer class 5*

best green hero sorcerer class 5* Why ?

There are 3:

Lady of the Lake
Lady Locke
Morgan Le Fay

My pick would be Lady of the Lake, but Lady Locke is close. All 3 are very good.


In my honest opinion, it would have to be lady of the lake, recovers health, deploys minions and cuts mana - what more would you want

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I would say Lady Locke because DoT and average speed cleanse (only green cleanser) but don’t tell @Guvnor


Lady Locke is complete ***** to face when you don’t have cleanser. Learned this hard way during raids. Even if you do have one, a bad board easily means 3 almost dead heroes that can be finished by slash attacks.

Lady of the Luke Skywalker, on the other hand, is slower, and can be more easily finished off before she fires. But you better well damn finish her off, because if does she fire it will be hard to do anything.

So would say both are useful, just in different ways. Morgan is a bit behind but even she is rather good, though I like Victor more (mostly because I have him but not her, and also because vampires barring Edward are pretty cool).

And she’s awful on defence… She should only really be judged on attacking, where she’s simply excellent to use! Cleanse plus huge damage is really nice to have!