Best event to spend gems on

I’ve search the forum but didn’t find any clear answer.

I have about 8000 gems, and I’m waiting for the best event to use them. It seems to me Avalon and Guardians are probably the best one, hero wise.

Is there a consensus about what is the event with the best heroes? Considering only 5* and 4*.


Guardians for titans and Knights & G.Forest for raids.

You can also find heroes useful for other areas but mainly it’s for this…


Guardians has 3 great heroes (Panther, Falcon, Jackal) that are worth adding to your team.

Avalon has Guinevere, who overshadows the others. Arthur, Morgan and Merlin are all good. Lancelot is good on attack, but a little squishy on defense.

You can’t go wrong with using your gems on either one, or both

I would agree on Avalon and Teltoc.

Everyone wants their piece of Guin :smiley:

I do like the Fables 4* though so dont necessarily rule it out

If i had to prioritize them it would be:


Then pirates if you just absolutely want to do a pull and are feeling frivolous but the pirates are pretty much garbage compared to the others

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I agree that it depends on what you are needing. I just listed the 5 and 4 star heroes with a grade of B or above in the Anchor guide.

5 Stars ----- Guin (A) ----- Arthur (A) ----- Morgan (B)
4 Stars ----- Merlin (A) ----- Lancelot (B)

5 Stars ----- Kong (B) ----- Panther (A)
4 Stars ----- Falcon (B) ----- Jackal (A)

5 Stars ----- Red Hood (A )
4 Stars ----- Hansel (A)----- Gretel (B)

5 Stars ----- Kestrel (B) ----- Lady Locke (B)
4 Stars ----- Peters (A)

Sand (forget the name)

5 Stars ----- Rana (A)
4 Stars ----- Jaffar (A)

So as far as best chances of getting a top hero, Id say Avalon.


Thanks all,

Seems to confirm what I thought. And guardians are coming up so I’ll probably take my chance with them and have a chance at Zimkitha too.


I got Jackal with a single pull last Guardians event and love him. One of the best heroes on my roster, and perfect for everything. Wouldn’t mind getting another 2 or 3, but hoping for Panther this time around.

Good luck!


Don’t forget the cute easter bunnies :slight_smile:
And who knows, what xmas will bring :zipper_mouth_face:

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I second that and a suggest:

If you still have epic hero tokens keep them for now :zipper_mouth_face:


4* challenge event heroes are a lot easier to get and level ( see summons odds & Notes ).

Reflect Green will probably include at least one 4* blue hero ( weak to green, no 4* blue event heroes ) if past events are any indication.

Rating only on 4* heroes:

Guardians- Jackal, Falcon ( elemental defense debuff)
Grimforest- Hansel, Gretel ( see Notes)
Knights- Merlin
Pirates- Peters

Rumor has it another set of seasonal heroes. But if you are playing THAT game, wait for Reflect green to come out before deciding.

==Notes ==

==Event 4*==

==4* vs 5*==

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Good point!

Confirms I will try guardians before Avalon. Especially since I’m low level and I won’t be upgrading 5* for a while

Also, the only shot at a good blue hero …

… kinda skewed?

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