Best emblem path for Evelyn?

Just as it says…should I go att or hp/def? Thanks!

Personally I would give her the Sword Path.

Works better with her talent (pierce). It won’t massively change her damage dealt via special HOWEVER it will push her attack over 850 which isn’t anything to sneeze at!

Two resources:

From the Wise Goat (a Line Bot):

A What-If analysis:


Where’s her real strength?
Boosting the damage of your green killers.

Yes she does damage too, but she’s there to turn a green stack into a serious threat… Which means she must fire, so to me that means go defensive.

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This is what I was thinking too. Shes a support for Lianna, at the moment. The two are a dangerous duo.

Thank you!

I also answered at the thread you asked me. Yes, she’s obviously a support hero.

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