Best defense team

OK, guys, I would like to hear some advice what would be best defense team for raid /war taking in consideration my current heroes…

Right now I have leveled:

Red: Boldtusk 4/70, Colen 4/70 (+2 talents), Sir Lancelot 3/60

Green: Kashrek 4/70 (+1 talent), Gadeirus 3/60, Melendor 3/60 (soon will be tier 4)

Yellow: Chao 4/70 (+1 talent), Hu Tao 4/70

Purple: Sabina 4/70, Quintus 3/70

Blue: Sonya 4/70, Boril 4/70, Agwe 3/60

Would you go with Sabina, Kashrek and Boril in same team and if you would who would you add - Sonya and Chao with fast mana, Colen and Quintus with slow mana but powerful special skill or some combination?

Any advice will be appreciated…

Left to right:

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Kash is the best 4-star tank, and Colen the largest damage dealer. Kash’s special will make anyone stacking reds hate their lives once he fires, and it’s going to be even harder for them to kill Colen or tile BT. Boril and Sonya also have resistance to red, which is nice.

Boril is a pain at the 4-star level, and if he fires while Kash is alive, it’s probably over, as he’s going to punish anyone tiling Kash or BT. Sonya is fast and so will be your best bet in the corner. The double blues might tempt some poor fool to bring more than one green, which Colen and BT will love

Any defense can be beaten, but that’s your best bet.


Thanks for advice.

What do you think about switching Kashrek and Boril (that is because all in alliance put blue hero in the middle)?

And you don’t see Sabina in team as the only full healer? I mean is there some equally good defense combination with her in team?

Kash is best 4* tank like @Cpt.Ahab said.

Sabina, good to have 2 healers in defence team and she dispell enemy buffs.

Colen-high dmg and burning

Chao-fast sniper, mana steal

Sonia-fast dmg dealer

Sabina - Colen - Kashrek - Sonya - Hu Tao

Normally I hate Hu Tao, but with 2 priority targets ahead of him… his blind could go off and it’s a game changer… could also help finish the attackers if Colen got his off.

Has a purge, a cleanse, and 2 damage with difficult effects to deal with and plenty of healing.

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If you’re running blue war tanks, get Mel up ASAP and I’d recommend running:

It’s not as good as your everyday defense, but war defenses rarely are. At least they’ll be punished by BT and Colen if they try to stack greens, and made to hate life by Boril if they try to stack blues.

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