Best defense team with what I have?

Hi guys I’m a F2P player so my team is no big deal but had a bit of luck with TC13.

Right now I have the following 4* heroes.

Cyprian (I know, no the best one but better than a 3*) - 3/1
Wu Kong - 4-70
Boril (same as Cyprian) 1-1
Li Xiu - 3-1
Hu Tao - 1-1
Boldtusk - 3-1

And I have Azar, Balthazar, Valen, Belith, Chochin, Bane, Gunner, Hawkmoon, Carver, Gato, Berden and Jahangir maxed out.

How would you arrange the defense team?

imvho i would arrange like this:

Boldtusk- Gunnar/Gato- Li Xiu- Cyprian- Berden/Belith
Wu-Boldtusk- Li Xiu- Cyprian- Berden/Belith

Right now Boldy or Li are your best tank options. I would max them out as soon as possible.Wu isn’t the greatest on defense but he is your maxed hero and can come through as well.

It helps to focus on 1 hero at a time. Additionally keep your tc13 running strong until you can get your stronghold maxed and getting a TC20 up and running for your chance at a 5*. I wish you luck in obtaining a blue & green 4/5* sniper soon as well. Keep grinding!

Thank you, yes I hope to get lucky with 4* Green and Blue, haven’t had any luck with those for now. Have a few gems to spare once the elemental summon appears.

You have nice hitters in your 3*. Boldtusk would be the 4* to work on.

Valen, Bane, BT, Gato, Bathazar.

Use this as attack and defense.

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You could try Valen, BT, Li, Cyprian, Berden for example. Experiment with a team in a few days, then try another setup and compare.

I like same color feeding because it gives more xp per feeder hero. So the overall leveling speed of the bench is better.

But if you want to level a specific hero quicker, then you could focus on that with all feeders.

Thank you ser for your blessing a wild Kiril appeared from TC13!


You need to get 4* heroes leveled up into third ascension before they replace a maxed 3*.

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Max Li Xiu asap and use as tank.
Max Boldtusk and use as left flank.
Put Wu in the left corner.
Gunnar right flank.
Jahangir right corner.
After Boldtusk max Kiril to replace Gunnar.
Hopefully a usefull hero will come along to replace Jahangir. :slight_smile:

Advantage : You can use immediately while improving your heroes.

Good luck.


At this stage, maxing anyone is a waste.

Farm, raid, continue to train at tc13 and begin storing food and recruits. You will be finishing quests soon. The 5s will come. Lay the groundwork for the nextlevel team.

Depends on how much money you spend.

For ftp ist possible Li Xiu will tank for a long time and Boldtusk and Kiril will be members of the A-Team for a longtime too. So these 3 should be maxed.

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Possibly, but OP is this far without spending.

Question was about def team which I answered. The rest of my reply was to respond other posters advice to OP on other points

Kiril is in my current raid team which maintains at 2500 cups. I never maxed BT, but I do spend, and he was not needed above 3^60. Li Xiu is a great farmer for me, but another at 3^60.

Would that have changed if I was f2p? Most likely, but only when they could come together as a team, not as disparate parts hoping they would matxh up.

Listen to old Johnny Cash tune about Cadillac he put together from parts.

So defence in part is situational on what your opponent is going to play but for me max Li Xiu first. I run in attack (all max 4) Rigard, Wu Kong, Kashrekk, Colen and Sonya.
Against Boril, Cyp or Bold my logic is if I max in the first few turns:

Wu: Nearly anyone you’re getting a spanking.
Sonya: I’ll turn your tank off.
Kash/Rigard: I’ll have the healing to take whatever you throw back.
Colen: Unlikely i max early but if i do and i’m not against a Rigard (or similiar remove effect) i should be fine based on cumulative damage.

All of the above is hard countered by Liu (Wu especially), as she ruins mana build up. Until you hit the top level (5) i think she is one of the universally best tanks, just make sure she is flanked by a healer or 2 to keep her going.

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Thank you guys for your help! Been taking note and will act accordingly.

Another question so I don’t spam a new thread, does Wu Kong and BT specials stack with each other or one overrides the other?


Yes, they do stack. All of the different symbols stack I believe. So Wu with BT or Kiril, but Kiril and BT don’t stack for example.


If you have not given the various symbols that indicate active specials a look, go farming. Fond a level that is not easy but one you know you can beat. Every time you fire a special, look at symbols on opponent/your heroes.

Best way to test what works with what. Also, use babbers to see what stacks.

Well I’ve been very lucky, pulled Little John with the gems I’ve been saving for the Nature Summon.

Is he worth leveling to replace Berden?

PS: Forgot to mention that I also pulled Gormek from TC13.

It would be better if have Caedmon or Melendor. LJ is not my choice unless you have no choice. :sweat_smile:

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Gormek is worthwhile :ok_hand:t2:

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Are both worth to fully level? Which one would you level up first?

If I’d look at my team it seems that caedmon is a better option to replace Berden considering Kiril and Boldtusk as healers. Although Gandalf should be maxed out but not asap.

I never leveled LJ. Gormek can still be used till late game. Berden should only be replaced by Gandalf or Caedmon.

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