Best defense team...please help

Please help me doing my defense team…I have the following heroes
Red:Ares 4/80
Aruna 3/21
Presaudaz 4/70
Purple:Hel 4/80
Kageburado 4/1
Rigard 4/70
Merlin 4/70
Yellow: Guinevere 4/80
Joon 3/70
Guardian Chacal 4/70
Leonidas 4/33
Blue: Athena 4/80
King Arthur 4/80
Kiril 4/70
Green: Lianna 4/80
Gregorian 3/70
Evelyn 4/1…
Stil have to ascend Justice and onatel (yellow) Aegir and another athena (blue) Elkanen(green) Khagan and 3 more Aruna’s (red)

Who is Aruna? Id go with this:


In Portugal the hero is shown has Aruna …i think it’s azlar…he is a lion

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