Best Defense Team help

20190630_113344 Assuming Ranvir will be 3.70(and no 4* Holy to replace him as of now) and everyone else will be at 4.70. Is Caedmon better to use here than a 3.70 Tarlak? Also, would you keep kiril there or replace him with Boril.

I would keep Caedmon as having both Tarlak and Ranvir wouldn’t be a good move as they would share Tarlak’s normal attack’s cap and Ranvir’s miss chance on tiles and special skills.

I would keep Kiril as tank but I would flip the formation:

Proteus - Caedmon - Kiril - Wilbur - Ranvir

To avoid missing with your special skills and to not replace Wilbur’s +63% defense with Kiril’s +30% ones.


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