Best defense position for Alby?

General consensus seems to be put Alby in left wing so that he can rez and the zombies can attack but with his slow mana, would left flank make more sense? Especially with a red tank?

Left flank will usually fire before wing. Also wing hero will likely still be alive and won’t need the rez.

With a red tank, Alby would be strong vs a blue stack.

Main concerns are he’s more exposed in the flank and a red stack would be neutral vs red tank but cut my Alby.

Argument for left wing would be better protection from tiles.

Also later in the battle with some heroes out, cone hitters might have to choose between hitting alby or a couple of heroes on right side.
If he’s on flank, greater chances for cone hitters to hit alby and other heroes.

Here’s my current defense, suggestions welcome, thanks.

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From my experience as an attacker, I can’t think of any time I’ve ever had trouble with Alby as flank (or tank for that matter).

Flank has several disadvantages vs. corner:

  • If he fires early in a fight, he’s fairly harmless.

  • He’s easier to hit and kill with tiles.

  • Zim flanked by Alby will mean I might just bring my red 3 stack instead of blue. Thanks for the easier kills!

  • Proteus (or Hel) gets to mana lock him and the tank early in a fight, so he won’t be charged later when it’s time.

  • Any target + nearby special can be favorably used to hit him with full or splash damage without losing any benefit at any point in the fight.

So…yes, please put him in flank, it’ll save me some time on attack. :wink:


The BEST position would be on my team :smiley:

When I attack a team with Alby, if he is on the wing, I usually don’t target him until the tank is down. If he was on flank I would make him one of my first, if not first, targets…


Kind of wish I had just used Eve and classed Zim now.

I’ll leave him in left wing and hope for more emblems.

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He does make a good left corner, he’s just not very good as flank.

Beefing him up with Emblems is a reasonable way to make the team more troublesome overall, so long as he’s in the corner, where he’s harder to hit and finish off.

The most useful teams for Alby are ones where the tank makes for some distraction so by the time center heroes start dying, Alby is ready to fire.

But you don’t really have that currently.

Zim is fairly hit-or-miss as tank. On a bad board, she can be troublesome if she fires multiple times or is paired with another multi-target hitter — which she’s not on your team. On a decent board she’ll be dead before an attacker cares. Her firing once is almost a non-event, especially if an attacker manages to charge a healer even vaguely early in the fight.

You sort of have a team of 4 great flanks and Alby.

There’s nothing wrong with that, this team is more than enough to keep you in Diamond and be troublesome at times in War.

Don’t go spending money just to pick up a tank for this team.

And given all of that, I think Emblems on Alby was a reasonable choice.


Yeah, I feel like I don’t have a tank. Had been a low priority as I’m hovering around 2500 cups.

Some other defense oriented heroes I’ve considered are:
Kunchen, Aeron, Boss Wolf
Onatel Injustice
Mitsuko QoH

I’m indirectly hoping for Guin because I’m not chasing her now. Chased Arthur last time but he’s just sitting on the pine after I pulled Frida.


Kunchen or even Boss Wolf could certainly tank.

Even Justice can.

The rest are better in flank or Offense.

Good PSA for not chasing heroes. :wink:

Guin of course would be a lovely tank, and she serves nicely as a distraction while Alby charges, and is a pain when resurrected.

But mostly:

Yeah, agreed, and this was my point.

You’re already there, no need to sit higher. If anything it’ll just make filling chests a tad slower.

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Kunch is the best out of these as tank imo. I would add him as tank, drop victor. You might look for another sniper to replace inari also, I’m not found of her on defense and I usually like at least two fast snipers or fast hit three on D.

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@zephyr1 I’m going to eat my Injustices if heroes academy isn’t out by EoY!

Chasing heroes is like the “grass is greener…” myth. I’ve been disappointed with Arthur, Inari, Kage, QoH among the heroes I’ve actively chased.

Only Eve and Alby seem as expected.
Zim has been above expectations, Initially didn’t want her and sadly ate 6 Zims.

@General_Confusion main challenge with lvling Kunchen is that I have Kage and Victor maxed. Panther at 4/30, Hel 3/30.

Only have 2 tabards but inserting Kunchen tank means losing my strongest heroes. Which fingers do I cut off?

As soon as I get my second mana to lvl11, I’m planning on dropping Inari for Ariel or Alasie.


Alby is good as flank if you are focusing on mana boost and healing. Left wing is for revive.

Alasie, alby, mitsuko, inari, kage would be my pick out of what you have mentioned. You get mana gen family bonus with alby and inari boost added. Mana down with mits and alasie. Also your wings will fire as they are fast.

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Yea, I never had an issue with Alby other than in the corner, he becomes a split decision to either focus on killing the tank or hitting him with dot or Hel’s special. Happy for you though you have a lovely team why do you use Zim at tank though? Regardless it works if you’re staying around 2500. Congratulations

Thanks, Zim is serviceable for who I had back then.

I was able to get GM so using him now at tank. Not ideal but only a couple tabards from Kunchen tank.

Currently running:

Planning for Alby GM Kunchen Poseiden Alasie


Wow! Yea now that’s nice! Congrats I’ve probably saw your team and paid to reroll hahaha

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That is a great team! I wasn’t able to get my hands on GM, I am envious! A couple thoughts about your current order.

  • Kage is a dispeller
  • Kage does best on full life targets

Accordingly, I would swap him and Alasie until you get Kunchen ready.

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@Iorwerth Thanks, good point regarding kage. I’ll give it a try.

@1Peterboy tbh it’s nice to log on and see a lot of successful defense wins but as long as you can easily get your 6 wins and open your chest in diamond, that’s what matters.

When you race for global #1, then a formidable defense is a helpful but you still need luck because even the best defenses usually lose.

I never reroll but if the raid opponent does not have decent ham, then I toggle to my revenge list to change opponents.
Now with the advanced buildings, I’m back to being a ham w#0re, can’t afford to spend 2k on a reroll :smile:

Also, this forces you to try and find good lineups. I think this has helped me with raids, tournaments, wars and decisions on which heroes to level.
Helps having good heroes too.


That is true! For some reason my revenges have been too low to try and fight, I keep getting single digit trophies to win so I don’t revenge and am forced to reroll. Do you think there will be another status made higher than diamond?

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