Best Defense - Mid 2019

I think it would be cool to read from time to time what’s the best defense in E&P. I know it’s subjectiv and always depends on players hero roster.

By now i see the best defense as follows:
Atomos - Ariel - Ursena - Poseidon - Gravemaker

Why: Ursena is very dangerous for yellow stack (Mitsi is similar but doesn’t do the needed damage). I like mana controlling (love Onatel) and Poseidon is a good counter. Ariel is amazing. But the most important is the mega defense stat with the family bonus. Ariel gets 883 before emblems and troops, that’s huge! Atomos 836, Ursena 840, Poseidon 825.
I’ve never seen this combo until now…
Now tell me what could be better mid 2019??

Yes that’s why I bring no yellows against her and she’s very easy to beat. Basically she hits like Quintus.
Atomos is worthless. You could put 4 heroes in your defense and nobody would notice any difference.
GM works better in flank for me.

I’m sure you underestimate the defense stats of this combination…with 840 defense, and much more when emblemed plus high level troops you will get troubles.

The point is Ursena doesn’t give you any status effect, and the holy resistance is wothless if the opponent has no yellows.
That’s why she is a high hitter and a good tank, but not the best for me.

Kunchen and Gravemaker are still my favourite, with Aegir really piss me off sometimes.

I’m really too much used to Guinevre, and there’s a ton of good counters for her right now.

So i quite like two classic defence like:

Zeline - Drake - Kunchen - Gravemaker - Alasie


Alasie - Evelyn - Gravemaker - Zeline - Kageburado


Ha! Your first example there @Elpis seems to be close to standard and boy do I hate it. Totally second the Zeline-Drake-Kunch-GM-Alasie def.

For non rainbow Zeline-Zim-Aegir-GM-Kage would be a horror. And anything with Boss Wolf… he’s not common but I doubt if I’ve ever won a raid against him. Yunan is another pain.

I’ve seen this exact defence before including the stray gravemaker, and it was pretty poor. Atomos is just so useless he isn’t worth including for the family defence boost.
If you were to move poseidon to the left corner and bring in a flank zeline for atomos, totally different.

Ursena is nice but still not a top tier tank. You can quickly heal off her damage, and she still dies from tiles either before or after casting special. Obv. you can say that about any hero/tank, but she has limited ‘delay’ quality which sets the best tanks aside from the rest, she is dispellable and none of the dispel heroes are holy, they can deal with it before your holy heroes attack.

The first defense is very good. But i would always use Zeline at flank.
Kunchen is very much used now. Strong for sure. But like every healer --> pump tiles at him, and use a cleanser.
And the second one is very vulnerable to Gravy and red stack.

In theory Kunchen tanks are very easy to deal with - but having his special going off from all the tile dumping and then immediately followed by GM and a second later Drake: big owie. That ready set go healer/cleanser isn’t always on track either…

Any colour stack will evaporate the tank on a good to decent starting board. Mediocre or bad boards is what def is all about.

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What is the best defence team with just regular (TC20) heroes? Because I don’t own any better ones…

As i wrote it is subjectiv and roster depending. For me is a emblemed Ursena tank more dangerous than a Kunchen for example. Already without family bonus…

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hmm… i’d say - Hit fast:
Lianna - Magni - Marjana - Joon - Sartana


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