Best defense lineup out of these heroes?

Mother North
Telluria or Lianna
Misandra or Thorne
Sif or Vivica or Leo

I use “or” here because I have or am close to enough mats to ascend one more each in green, blue or yellow.

Tyr - Misandra - Telluria - Sif - Jabberwock
Emblems on Misandra, Tyr without them

I would probably do :

  1. tyr Misandra telly sif jabber ; or
  2. misandra elena telly sif jabber

Depends on how much you want to be “one of those guys”

Telluria is the best tank in that group BUT the question is if you NEED to have the best tank?

Best lineup would be something like

If you don’t need telly maybe something like:
Mother north - Tyr - Sif - Jabberwock - Misandra

Interesting. Thanks for the replies.

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