Best defense in the game?

What is the best possible defense in the game according to you?

You can just figure out looking at top 100 players,

Seshat-Gravemaker-Telluria-Vela-Drake is the most used one, wings are not that necessary i think, only GTV makes great difference there.


Imo it’s Finley - GM - Tellu - Vela - Jabber :slight_smile:


If you had to go rainbow who would you swap and put in!?

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This is an absolute weapon of a defense. Made me change my predominantly red Tell strategy.

I now use a mono green including Brienne with surprisingly good success.


I’m using Seshat, GTV, Drake but I could reset seshat and use finley. Considering it. And jabber is a possibility just need tabards. You think the finley/jabber set up is no contest, better than Seshat/drake rainbow?

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The two blues in Finley and Vela make a red mono to quickly deal with Tell fraught with danger.


Vela does that by herself lol

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True, but if just Vela I’ll still be confident going mono red, but with Finley there too, I’ve had a few too many heavy defeats.


whiterabbit vela telluria gm jabber


bit flexible on the order but that’s the 5


maybe, definitely scary. the issue is that WR competes with costume regards for emblems… so there are not too many severely emblemed WRs out there. admit, this was not part of the Q, so more on the theoretical side. i would swap WR with costume joon, JW or killhare in other wing… that purple bunny should not be underestimated… not sure, who is better, none of those two should go off.

Finley and Vela opens to much for “suicide trigger” Mitsuko (if you are lucky and have her)…

so my vote goes to cJoon GM telluria vela JW/killhare


think aqua’s answer was more related to wars where the # of mitsukos is limited

as far as white rabbit and embleming rigards

Rigard is fairly cheap to emblem and stopping white rabbit at 18, leaves enough emblem room to get a rigard to at least +14 which is pretty good

and 19 & 20 nodes for the rabbit are pretty irrelevant anyways as they’re not direct stat boosters but situational “what ifs” edge case boosters dependent on RnG outside of the healing bonus which is just crap anyways…

probly killhare there since joon and jabber use monk emblems, neither would be fully emblemed if used both in 1 defense


I’m definitely more concerned about killhare when she would fire than jabber. But she’s not an option.

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right, so with cJoon its killhare… was not on my radar as I do not have the purple bunny…


yes even though cjoon and killhare are both fighters, cjoon doesnt use fighter embs so both could still be +20

which is a pretty good defense considering both wings have a chance for self revive


White Rabbit - GM - Tellu - Vela - Jabber then :slight_smile:

I think so, yes. But for wars, the double blue setup only becomes effective if you can field many of them. If you can only field a couple of double blue defenses, they’ll be easily exploited by Mitsuko teams. :slight_smile: So strength comes in number for this one.


The alliance I’m in is ranked about 35,000 places below yours so you won’t get to experience the wrath of my mono greens led by Brienne firsthand, but a friend from the top tier told us about facing 29-30 of these defenses in an AW a couple of months ago.

Needless to say, your strategy was resoundingly demoralising :rofl::rofl::rofl:


In reality, the defenses of the top 100 players do not place them there because of such defenses. They get to the top 100 by raiding mostly.

No defense in any current hero set-up is absolute, but we try to have an almost impenetrable defense as possible with the GTV core since Telly has HoT, adds minion meatshields to allies and places mana regen ailment to the enemies as GM deals initial damage and DoT to 3 dealing more damage if to green heroes while Vela deals initial damage to all with DoT and debilitates the potential of all red heroes. And with that, what matters are the at wings, where the likes of Killhare, Ursena, Jabberwodk, Finley, or mostly hard-hitting heroes that deal AOE since GTV have been eating the attacking forces’ health at the onset, ensuring the total annihilation of the attackers.


Well, he asks for best defense set up… After achieving +2.9k troophies, if you do not have a capable defense, you wont be able to hold there not much. I am pretty sure I did not say “People on top 100 because of their absolute defense.” or something like that. You can see GTV is the core of that most succesful set up. It is possible to use; Joon, Costume-Joon, Poseidon, Drake, Seshat, Sartana, Costume Sartana, or Clarissa as wings.

Personally – Black Knight > Gravemaker as far as flanking Telluria goes.

But that’s just me. :man_shrugging: I think both are pretty powerful, but against GM I already bring a cleanser anyway since the other flank is Vela. With BK though, I have to make room for a dispeller (and red lacks one).