Best defense for very fast tournaments/war

Considering my roster what do you think is the best possible defense for that specific format?

Something like heimdall onatel alfrike Rafael c azlar would get my vote


alberich onatel alflike cazlar heimdall
You have to punish the bad board

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Don’t love two passives next to each other though, so could opt for swapping Onatel and Krampus- possibly forgoing an attack buff for her - if you so need

Cuz clearly Alfrike is your best option in purple - and she really does best at tank, so no brainier there

Alberich because he’s just too much of a pain once he gets going, with the direct mana, HOT, and more reliable resurrect [than Heimdall]

& Heimdall and Krampus don’t play well together.
(& I don’t think you’d need more than one healer for VF wars)

Onatel cuz yellow looks lacking [for this], yet rainbow is your best bet

& C. Azlar cuz… well, yeah lol. Want him going off as late in the game as possible for his extra damage


I’ll go

C Azlar Alfrike Heimdall Odin Raf

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I’d go

Alberich - Odin - Alfrike - Krampus - CAzlar

I think Heimdalls overheal less needed with Krampus.

Whilst its likely your opponent will be stacking yellow diminishing the number on the board for Odins attack the increased rate of him going off plus opponent possibly trying to save some tiles if hit by Alfrike’s mindless attack should still leave some hits.

Alfrike, because she is Alfrike.

Krampus to soak up specials while the others fire.

Costume Azlar to burn everyone.


I think Alfrike is a better flank, it is very hard to kill her before she fires at flank

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