Best defence team/ or offence. Anyone?!

Hello guys, l’m struggle for some time how to make my team better and now l’m out of options and ideas. Can some of you give a proposal from what l have now in my rooster what can l do to make it better? Please?! ! Thank you all for your kind support.


What are you trying to do here? Do you want a defensive team? An offensive team? Just arrange these 10 as you clearly have more given these are only teams 3 and 4. Some more help may let others help you.

You’re right. There is an arrow to switch between them. I missed that. My bad.

Could you please erase this post. It is hopeless!

For defense my suggestion:

Tiburtus - marjana - isarnia - rigard - leonidas

For offense it’s depend on what opponent u are facing.

Next target to ascend is falcon. He will be useful for offense stacking red color.

Regarding emblems, it is better to give all druid emblems to caedmon rather than horghall.

Horghall is a trash hero

Let’s keep it open. A bump is sometimes what is needed.

Thank you very much for your advice! :+1:t2:

Please delete this topic. I’ve change almost all my roster…no need it anymore.

Okay. I’ll close it.

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