Best defence team options?

I’ve been trying to build the best defence team i can and have tried many variations with this team and have come down to this lineup i have tested every position and this seems to keep me the most trophies when I wake up in the morning. usually around 2475 to 2500

I have no good blue that im happy with in 5*
A lv70 Perseus and LV 60 Thorn.
I have the materials to max either one or to go for a new one.
My question is would it be suicide to have 2 yellows and no purple? Im very unimpressed with Toths performance and feel like a magni or Alasie would be great for my team offencivly but could they replace Toth on defence if i got one of them? Or even any other 5* blue

Its not a suicide to have double yellow and no purple… if the tank isn’t yellow.

If you manage to draw a good blue it could help your Alberich to stay alive, (from the two you listed) Magni could flank or Alaise could tank in a nastier Lianna style.

Richard could be another blue to looking for.

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Yes i agree with you tp not have the yellow tank with no purple. Id have to figure out a different tank for that setup. I have tried alby before and he does ok, but then you essentially lose his rez abilitly when your not hiding him in the corner…
The only other option from this lineup would be Marjana. But I’d have to wait and see who I get?

If your defense are holding pretty good as it is you can leave it as it is (for this week as Alaise should be the next HOTM) and wait to see what you’ll draw.

A Marjana as Tank could be good for now, it could treathen more than Delilah with his special and call for a double blue attacker, wich increase Alberich’s survival chances.

And Alberich loves corners :slight_smile:

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Alby rocks on the left corner. I saw 2 Marjana tanks in the top 10. So she could work. I’ve tried her tanking with the team i have now and it does not keep as many trophies as the current setup. Always trying to tweek and improve!