Best Defence/Choices

Hey guys. What do you think is my ideal Defence Team? Who should I level up next?

Current Defence Team:

BT on the wing is a waste. The allies should benefit of his special as long as are alive. Besides +19, makes him a powerful tank. And Onatel is more dangerous on flank anyway. I would set: Kage, Onatel, BT, Kadilen and Magni. Or Frida and Kadilen last two, but it is better a green flank for a red tank and fast mana as Magni on the wing, not Frida. Actually I have a similar and successful defense: Seshat, Drake, BT, Elk and Magni. When is aid field at wars, I replace BT with GM. I don’t look only at power and emblems, when I set a defense. BT has the strongest def stats among all my heroes now, 858. And reviving ability could be very annoying for the opponent. The most annoying is when revives and fires, reducing all attacker efforts to dust :slight_smile:

I swear, almost every war it happens the opponents to make 0 points attacking me. Once at least. I only can imagine the scenario I described. Hard to believe, all of my opponents had the connection down.

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Oops, I saw later you have also Lianna. Talented! So the last 2 heroes should be Frida and Lianna. For now.

Btw, IMO, you gave too many emblems to Chao.


Yeah, I’m going to reset the Chao emblems and give them to Lianna. Once I have a bit of iron after this stronghold 23

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Well, even is offtopic what I have to say, I’m saying anyway. The only reason to rush SH23 is AL. You can convert your second type of building having SH22. And you are going to use AL? I don’t see why a player will spend much more food than crafting in forge, only to get some random stuff. But it is your choice, of course…

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