Best DEF Team possible ingame

i am just curious, i am low level but i am interested in what could be the best possible def team existing in this game.

Pool are all Heroes possible in this game and all maxed.

When i stalk some really high guys i just see that nearly nobody has a similar team. But due to not know what will attack normally there should be a kind of a “ultimate” Team.

What would this one be like?

TY Guys


I notice Gravemaker in most top trophy teams

Alberich, Kageburado, Guinevere, Gravemaker and Alasie


The team @ShuraCDZ suggested is probably one the best. Another one would be:

Alby, Joon or Onatel or Poseidon, Kunchen or Ursena, Gravemaker and Athena/Alice/Rumpleskin or Alice as a healer if you use Ursena instead of Kunchen.

There is a handfull of good heroes so there are numerous combinations. It all comes down to the players personal view of playing the game.

Also, 2 great heroes have been added. Black night and Lady of the lake…so a team i’d be excited to try on my defence would be : Ariel, Lady of the Lake, Black knight, Kage, Poseidon

Ok so this Kageburado is much better than Hel?

Atm i use Albi, Magni, Guin, Hel, Marjana…

So it seems like i really need thta gravemaker…
I hope Hel is kind of a not so bad solution for the Kageburado slot.

If net lets hope in the next Altantis one of those 2 will be availible :smiley:

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No Hell is also one of the best heroes!! Forgot to add her in

North Mitsy Ursl Ariel Poseidon

There are several cool defenses out there, probably no best one.

Build around a decent tank and hold about 2.6k cups when all have talents about +10.

Everything else is just tactics and luck.


IMHO the defense team is a minor consideration in the game. No team is going to keep you at or near the top. The attacking team is more important as that is what earns you the cups to stay in diamond.


<Atm i use Albi, Magni, Guin, Hel, Marjana…>

And you’re low level? :confused:


Just FYI, there is no such thing.

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They are far away from being fully leveled …

Interesting to see that most of you put MN or Alby as green hero in your ideal defense.
The game has become so fast that I am not a big fan of Alby or MN corner anymore due to their slow mana. I prefer Lianna, Kingston or Zeline over Alby and MN.

As @nevarmaor already stated correctly, there is not such thing as a best defense team imo. I’d rather call it my personal dream defense. :smiley: This is without paying attention to talents. Currently defenses are shifting because everyone tries to have a fully emblemed defense without splitting them between two heroes. This will start to change soon(ish) tho as people are starting to emblem their second hero of each class.

Seshat - Zeline - Guin - GM - Alice


Kingston - Kage - Guin - GM - Alice


i also just can say what my dream defence would be right now… cause so many awesome deffs out there that you cant say which is the best… some f.e. say aegir is a superb tank… i am actually looking for him in arena cause he is a 9/10 win for me and my offence…

i would go with


Ok i think i have to cry - i ve none of them

What does that mean?

its just my dream defence :slight_smile: nothing more nothing less… its definitly not the best one …
i have to cry when i see your actually deff :slight_smile:

albi-magni-guin-hel-marjana ist so awesome dude :wink:

i reroll for example if i see a guin tank(costs some ham) and am very happy if there is a aegir… sometimes i do that a few times until there is an aegir if i need only one team to kill to fill my hero-chest

Yeah but i see in every high rated def team Gravemaker…
So it seems he is very strong - but if i get him - and i replace marj with it i am lack of dmg then …

your deff dont need him at all i think…
and there will always be some(edit: a lot of) heroes you dont have but want :smiley:
i want albi… dont have him f.e. :slight_smile:

Alby was expensive to get but i wanted him at all cost - well so i got it :smiley:

And ive got another question…

Is there some kind of a talent/hero calculator where i can play around with heroes and different levels and skills?

I see often screenshots where it seems like to be something like this …


This whats that with this thing in the middle to move around ?

You can visit

The master @Razor can probably help you.