Best Decision I Have Made in a Long Time

I started playing this game in July 2017 after seeing an ad for it on Instagram and liked it immediately. Little did I know that it would become an obsession for me for close to 2 years. This game has consumed countless hours each day with playing 2 accounts and chatting and for the first year I truly enjoyed playing the game.

Then it started to feel more like a job then a game. As the game started to feel more and more like work and less and less like a game, my displeasure grew. I started finding every little thing wrong with the game to gripe about, but still I played on hoping something would bring back the fun that was missing for me from the game.

Starting an alliance helped and for about 6 months I was having fun again and have made some good friends in the group and really enjoyed logging on daily to chat with them.

Unfortunately, the last two months have been the worst of all. While I truly enjoyed my alliance, the disdain I have for this game now has reached s point where I am miserable logging in to play, so for that reason 2 weeks ago I stepped down as leader of my alliance and quit the game.

I have found another game to play that isn’t dependent on whether a board is good or not, a game where I can make my own 5* heroes if I grind it out as opposed to dropping hundreds of dollars and praying I hit that 1-2% luck window to summon a 5*.

I actually thought I would be permanently addicted to E/P, but thankfully I have broken my addiction. I am at peace now with my game playing and no longer dread having to log in and pray to RNGjesus everyday. I waited to say goodbye until I knew for sure I wasn’t coming back, now that I know I am officially done with E/P I can say goodbye, good luck to everyone still playing and take care.

:snowman: :snowman: :snowman:


Cudos to you.

I was gonna say just by reading your title :slight_smile:
"you uninstalled the game!!! "

I see I was almost right . But glad for u matey . Moving on the greener pastures… less stress/ grips/rage , to a happier place :ok_hand:

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Giving up leisure activities that don’t give you pleasure is key to a happier life.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

I don’t understand the snowmen though.


Good luck, sorry to see another old timer go, but understand it’s bound to happen. Just a heads up, from my experience, if you play your new game long enough, and get high enough in level and the demands of time continue to be the same as they are here, you’ll eventually be in the same spot there and feel it’s a job you just want to quit, happens with all grinders (doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride though).


I’m no crab in a barrel. Best of luck! And appreciate the friendly sayonara!


So I’ll say it, what’s the other game? :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure if the game is mentioned it would fall under forum rule number 6.

  1. Spamming is strictly forbidden. Please do not post any advertisements, offers, competitors’ materials, promotions or spread misguided information.

It’s really none of those things. It’s the name of a game he’s playing. Other games have been mentioned here in other threads. I also play PvZ 2…that’s not an ad, offer, competitor material, promotion or misguided info,

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It heavily depends on context…I have seen it invoked before for games named in a context like this.

Interesting. Hope I don’t get banned for PvZ 2! :slight_smile:

Especially because an ad in PvZ 2 helped me find this game LOL


I appreciate the time you put into this farewell…so nice to see that you still acknowledge the great things and enjoyment the game has given you over all this time of playing. It is a welcome change from the usual bitter rantings that only focus on the negative.

It’s like anything else in life, when it becomes routine and not fun anymore, you move on…….hope you are enjoying your next game adventure!


Well Chuck, a shorter (than most) post about bidding farewell to this game. Sad to see you taking off and good luck to you.

Hope your next game will not be your new addiction or the subject of your new frustration should the grinding aspect for your own 5* hero takes much longer than you can reasonably handle.


Godspeed Chuck.wish u the best

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You surely deserve more then 13 posts on your farewell thread, so i up this for you hoping some other people will show affection.

Good luck for all the things buddy.


Chuck, I’ll miss your snowman and your help. Thanks for being there to guide me when needed. Be well!


I started even earlier than Chuck but had little involvement for some time.When I did find PS, Chuck was one of the regulars. Always entertaining, good hearted and helpful and the snowman definitely was his! All good things come to an end - we will miss you


I started in Oct 2017. Still play everyday, reached level 68 . Just beat alantis today on hard mode. Love this game even though it makes me want to throw my phone sometimes. I think they need to start a group chat in global for 50+ members so us old timers can get together and talk


Hello Chuck…I am right there with you. I left the alliance yesterday. I have everything fully leveled up and yet I continue time and time again to pull 3* and duplicate 3* as well. I have played E&P for well over 2 years and just started dreading it more and more. I have also started playing another RPG Puzzle Game that I thoroughly enjoy!

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Since when has plus 50 been old??? :rofl:


Lol level 50 + . That’s what I ment