Best current hero that anyone can get

I used to have him max emblemed on the attack path (when he was just used as part of a green stack) and completely re-emblemed him on defense path as he was dying too early for his special to be of any use

Yes, he doesn’t go great in a stack. He’s much more effective as an off-color healer.

I am not arguing. Some players tend to discard favorite old toys for newer and better ones, forgetting how good they were back then. I tend to be one of those players by reason that I have several heroes that does dispel enemy buffs and more, i.e. Belith and her costume, Sabina and her costume, Sonya and her costume, Caedmon and his costume, Ametrine, Evelyn, Kage, Seshat, Domitia and her costume, Guardian Panther, Frida, Snow White, and 3/70 Chameleon (well, he does more than dispel as he removes all buffs from the enemies).

Some of my old toys discarded and left to dust are 2 Squire Wabbits, 4 Gatos, 2 Armand, 2 Vlads, Ulmer, Little John, Sir Lancelot, Merlin, Gadeirus, Cheshire Cat, Boril, Kashhrek and costume (I stripped him of +19 emblems in favor of fully embleming Alfrike since him tanking in raid tourneys was unspectacular), Ares (though he has resurging use on my 2nd monored team against green tanks in wars), Jean Francois (still not yet done building up my 3rd monored team for wars where he would be one of the principal heroes there), and other heroes in my roster.

And keep in mind that 609 HP is over 40% of 1400 total for a lot of 5 stars. He basically recovers 40+% health for all, +46% defense for all, AND dispells all enemies at average speed. C.Viv heals 44%, gives 44% def down, and dispells all at slow speed. Dimestore Gandolf is running a 5 star special at a 4 star pricetag.

Just be careful in that war mode where it removes everything after 3 turns. It completely neuters him by scrubbing the HoT.

Mel’s only issue is he’s so squishy. Even at +19, defense/health path for costume, he can be one shot by a sniper as noted above.

Oh, and if you put emblems on for defense/health on costume, the non costume version is mostly attack, which makes that one even MORE squishy.

But along with Rigard and now Sabina, he’s a 4 that comes extremely close to 5 in capability. Especially with costume.

I do think the thread title is clickbait though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha! Be thankful I didn’t make you click through 20 pages of nonsense before getting to the punchline


For sure, don’t misunderstand me. This is for costume Mel, +20. Take any of that away and his effectiveness decreases rapidly. Non-costume Mel is going to die way before you can do anything with him and he does not have the def up special, which is a huge part of C.Mel’s effectiveness. No costume he’s good up to about 2400 trophies. After that you’re going to need more.

I use non costume on blue titans right now because of his insane tile damage. 846 makes him my second highest green (Tarlak +9 at 854).

But for raids? Definitely cMel in my green stack. Unless it’s that annoying equalizer war.

I’ve always focused on debuffers over cleansers, I still haven’t leveled my CRigard at all, but I’ve used Melendor and Sabina since the beginning

I might argue CSabina is even better than CMel because her blocker stops them from firing their buffs again after she’s debuffed them


Agree, C.Sabina is absolutely worth maxing. Kind of wish she prevented status effects on me, ala Grazul and Garnet, but it’s the next best thing.


*Dawa…there, corrected that for you.

As a player with limited 5-stars, I find having multiple copies of the best 4-stars to be quite useful in Wars (and Ninja Tower), so I agree with the OP’s thesis to some extent. It’s a toss-up between c.Melendor vs c.Rigard though.

Because my queue for Green heroes is quite long, I only have one costumed Melendor but two costumed Caedmons. I do intend to level up more Melendors and Caedmons; I already have 5 extra Melendors and one more Caedmon waiting for me.

Similarly, I also have multiple Rigards (levelling up my 3rd one now), multiple Kirils (two, second one waiting for costume to be levelled), and multiple Boldtusks (third one being levelled up).

So far, despite being limited in my choice of 5-stars, I do fairly well during Wars, since I can stack 3-2 or 4-1, since I have multiple Green 4-stars. As I am from a low-level alliance, we often meet a lot of Blue tanks, so having many Greens on my side helps a lot!


All of the 4* healers are fabulous: C Mel, C Rigard, C Sabina, C Kiril, Boldtusk, and the war pig (did I miss any?). But yes, C Mel is a boss!

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The yellow Easter sheep.

And the heal 3 heroes. Kashrek, the new blue villain and brynhild (one of my favorite 4* healers)


Part of the OP was how easy it is to get Melandor, though. A number of the 4 star healers are still not very accessible due to paywalls (not large, as their 4s, but still…) And limited availability. Those others are available from TC.

Easy is relative. I have now 3 pigs and 2 brynhilds only with coins, but still no melendor costume. I don’t think, S3 healers are that much harder to get.

  • Epic Season III Hero: 14.6% 10 heroes 1.46% per hero

  • Epic Costume Hero 26.5% 21 heroes 1.26% per hero

If I counted the heroes correct it’s easier to get one of the S3 4* healers than melendor costume.

He was my first 4* and first costume, and he’s already taken me MUCH farther than I have a right to ask of him (finished Farholme earlier today, largely on his back.).

He has opened up so much of the game to me without a whimper or complaint, I feel he should be getting hazard pay…

well, I can say the same about my Boldtusk C (monk path), I have 2 at +19
and about Rigard C (cleric path), I have 2 at +18
and about Sonya C (druid path) at +20, but I use both versions depending on which I need.
Fighter Boldtusk and ranger Rigard are useful on green/yellow titans, but my monk Bolds/ cleric Rigards are always used daily in raids and wars, same as Sonya C.
I haven’t leveled Sabina C, but I have some emblems available for her if I like her, the buff immunity for enemies looks interesting along with debuff.

But that’s the magic of this game, that each player finds some heroes, that aren’t considered the popular heroes or are one star weaker, like costumed/emblemed 4* heroes or mostly unpopular average/slow 5* heroes, to be extremely useful.

I agree that Melendor C does a lot with his special and is a counter for the stuff you mentioned, and surely can be very useful hero, but unfortunately, I don’t really use him outside of 4* tournaments (and I have 2 of them on max) I feel like he’s quite squishy even with emblems on def/hp route. (as I was able to try him out on my alt account with emblems and C)

  • C Melendor was much more easily attainable than specific epic season 3 heroes in the first few costume portals

  • C Melendor duplicates are more easily attainable than specific epic season 3 heroes if you already have a costume

  • If you don’t currently have a C Melendor costume then it is more difficult to get it than a specific season 3 Epic

That said, I still think C Melendor is more valuable in today’s meta than the other 4*s listed (which are all good)

I have two of him maxed. Hes my most used healer along with C.Rigard.

Its hard to fully emblem him tough. There are serious competitors already on my roster. Vela is close to full emblems and i gave some to Gilinbursti too.

I find him a bit squishy without the defensive nodes so sooner or later i will emblem one. Hes really solid and improves a lot with emblems.

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