Best current hero that anyone can get

… is C Melendor!

Counter to the following scary heroes:

Finley: Stacks against him, heals all damage done, reverses defense down with +44%
Frigg: Heals all damage done, reverses defense down with +44%
Odin: Heals all damage done, kills the mana boost
Garnet: Kills the ailment blocker
Vanda: Kills the ailment blocker
Black Knight: Kills the taunt, not sure about the attack up
C Kadilen: Heals all damage done, has a chance of dispelling the dodge on each enemy hero. Used before an AOE hitter you give the AOE hitter something like an 80% chance of hitting
Krampus: Stacks against him, kills the taunt (not sure of the attack up)
Sif: Kills the counter and the half damage

Basically the guy is a counter to almost most of the scary heroes in the current meta. Use him in combo with Skadi, Frigg, Lady Loki/Myztero… basically anyone with a match-winning special and he will clear the way for it to happen. And quite readily available in the costume portal! (Serously regretting feeding my duplicates of him, I would love to have 3 for my war teams).

Defensive emblem paths gets him to 713 attack (decent for stack), 764 defense and 1331 heath (decent survivability).

I can’t think of any other widely accessible hero that is as useful… and that includes his cleansing counterpart C Rigard. Who is definitely useful and a jack-of-all trades, but his cleanse helps you to survive and is not mandatory, whilst C Melendor remove the blockers which stop you from winning raids


C Melendor be like: Good luck next month :confused:

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From the man that brought you the “Noor is OP” topic comes another thrilling forum thread full of tongue in cheek comments and full on arguments about why the author has no idea what he is on about or does know, or is just having a laugh…or isn’t.


Yup I agree, now I should keep my 2nd Melendor if come to my roster again.
It was just because of so many green in queue,…
3x Hansel, 1xPeter, 3xAlmur (2x at level 1.1), 5xBuddy, 2nd Buddy almost max, 2x Brynhild, 1xJackO’, 2x Caedmon.C, 1x Skkittskull.C, 1xGadeirus, etc… also I have a little bit lucky in 5* green also.

Summary Green Roster

EDIT: I already get my new 1st Horghall to day from TC20.

But for me, the point what I was relize is in the Ninja Tower, there are so many Blue enemy, specially Cobalt and Saphire, so need many good green.


I try to keep you in suspenders…

… and also, I am 100% serious. I was only 50% serious with Noor


Normal Rigard from my point of view

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I’m glad it’s not that easy. Nobody has shouted ‘Nerf cMelendor!’ so far. I’m sticking to Aife (3.1415% serious).


This is finally something I sort of agree with him on. C.Melandor is very likely the best S1 4 star hero. Max emblemed his special is basically a 5 star special. C.Kiril is also fantastic if you’re bringing damage, but I would advise anyone to max Melandor’s costume, even those with thick rosters.

Noor and Myzerto still suck, though.


The three are best buds and come as a package deal. Love one, love them all

Aife for sure, no doubt :slightly_smiling_face:

All heroes are made from Aife.


Ive made about 70 costume summons. Still no C Melendor. Bury this topic.

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Melendor is great. With or without costume. Concerning BK and Krampus, Mel can’t dispel attack up from the other enemies because of taunt. In Krampus case, he cannot dispel his defense up cause it’s undispellable, but Mel dispels taunt.

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Thats what I thought… but the taunt is the biggest blocker to everyone elses’ special so I think it is more than enough

I’m not disagreeing there. Just thought adding that info would be useful.

Yes it is, sorry didn’t meantto sound like I was arguing with you

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Thanks for this thread. While costumed Melendor has his uses, i.e. dispelling, buffing defense, healing over time and stacking against blues, he can’t compete much on the other heroes with very deep bench. I don’t have the same Mariana’s Trench-deep bench of heroes of those elite moneyed players, but it is decently deep that my costumed Melendor, 2 copies of him maxed, barely see action except during epic raid tourneys where greens are allowed and am facing blue tanks.

But again, thanks for this good-natured post and thread. It sure brought a smile to me after reading the entirety of it.


You are welcome… but I actually am being fully serious. I have a decent roster… but until recently I wasn’t able to compete against teams with taunters. I just don’t have dispellers handy. In desperation I found C Melendor… and managed to get to #2 in raiding doing some stupid challenge where I couldn’t reroll. But without him I would not have beena ble to do it. The combination of his dispel, heal and defense up really is a great counter to so many good heroes currently in play.

He has found his permanent home in Skadi’s team (that is the highest compliment I can pay him) and he is often used to clear theway for Skadi to give a killing blow

I almost can’t believe that he is this good and this useful and this relevant and this (relatively) accessible


Uh oh…looks like homaclese opened up another nit-picking blackhole.

It’s inevitable, soon we will all be sucked in and eventually implode.

No nukes. No nukes. No nukes!

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I can’t believe I’m doing this…

He’s right. C.Melandor easily finds a home on my war teams, even though I’m running almost entirely 5 star teams. I would seriously consider a second, because I do have 2 maxed Mels, but I just don’t want to emblem both of them. The caveat here is that to find a home against heavy attack teams he needs to be emblemed completely or he dies way too fast. Most 5 star healers at their base level will stay alive far longer than he will at his base level.

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1 sniper hit, cMel is dead, if he was 5* you may have a point, but at 4* he is too squishy for this praise. And he only can remove taunt, not the buffs to other heroes. Ametrine is better for anti-taunt, but also very squishy, actually extremely squishy (I went attack path with her emblems and am now debating resetting her)

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