Best Clone Defense Teams? (Just for Fun)

I was thinking about this hypothetical question at work today (not sure why), and I thought it might be interesting to pose this question to the community and see what other people think.

Assume that you have access to as many as you want of any maxed-out hero in the game, and you decide to go raiding only to find defense teams composed entirely of maxed-out clones (that is, 5 copies of the same hero). Which clone team(s) do you think would be the most difficult to defeat, and why?

Some examples that I would probably reroll:

5x Isarnia (one is bad enough, but multiple simultaneous hits from her special would easily be lethal for anything)

5x Azlar (same reason as Isarnia, but perhaps a bit less lethal due to the lack of defense debuff)

5x Hel (no mana for you, ever)

5x Guardian Panther (the dark defense debuff would be very lethal when facing an entire team of fast-charging dark opponents)

5x Guardian Owl (if you strike one down, the others will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine…)

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5 guineveres. Would just stay there until time ran out
5 Delilahs. That ding dong and the multiple minions attacks would drive me insane


ALL magni all the time

All Alasie seems potent…

All Thoth AMons would be devastating. 3 thots, an aeron and a panther…ouch

Yeah 5 Delilah’s for sure

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Color stacking is already so powerful that I think a clone defense would actually be weaker than those at high levels currently. That being said, I think 5 Zeline’s would be the strongest since they deal a ton of damage while reducing the damage they take, all on fast mana.

King Arthur. He hits hard, applies debuff to blue (so all attacks), reduces attack, and gets special skill defense buff.