Best blue tank

Hi…I need your help again…who do you think is the best as a tank?Richard miki boril or magni;;;

Of those options Richard but I have all of those and my choice is Aerial.


Depends on where you are as an overall team.

If you have to pick 1 to level - go magni. You can find a better tank in a different color later.


A fully leveled Richard is a better tank than Boril and Magni.


Richard is from those Heros the best tank, but you will find a better tank in an a diffrent color.
I think the best blue tank is Aegir.


If this is for single colour AW tank then Richard. But the one to max first is Magni. Snipers are most effective at max.


Aegir is either tough or easy. With the right tools, he’s not a problem. The Hatter, e.g., is super-effective against Aegir, but even Buddy or Grimm can flip his skill to your benefit. Richard gets my vote for best blue tank, especially with Paladin emblems.


I also have magni and boril fully ascend and I recently got Richard and miki…so I’m looking for the best one of them as a tank…I think miki is amazing…

Miki is a great support hero but not a good tank imho. You want him to hang around to boost the other heroes when ready to fire, not be first to die. I’d see Miki as a left flank or wing.

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Wilbur is also a great counter for Aegir.


Wilbur is just great. I seem to be getting much improved raid defence results with aerial as tank but may switch to Hel. Not sure if that’s a good idea though. I have had some trouble against Magni tanks, it’s the fast speed that can give trouble.

I love flying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree.


The problem is not everyone knows what the right “tools” are, much less having these so-called “tools”. I would still prefer fighting Richard tank than an Aegir tank though I have no problem with any of them. Monogreen will kill either of them serving as tank. Go mono !! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Errr… a slow tank IMHO is only acceptable if it is Kunchen or Justice or Boss Wolf.

…but today I ran across an Aegir tank flanked by two GMs. Mono-green was not my preferred approach.

My usual strategy is to ID the lowest-defense flank and bring 3 strong against it. I also always bring a hero who can dispel (or steal=Hatter) the buffs or (my preferred approach) bring Athena to flip the +defense on the low defense flank then pound away on it.

So from this perspective, Aegir is a good tank—he requires some planning and luck to defeat.


This is more so for any new players with few heroes lurking:

I would recommend ascending and tanking with Boril first. High defense stat backed up with riposte makes him tough to take out and punishing to hit with skills. He forces the attacker to bring a dispeller and green heroes. I back him up with a red flank for just that reason :slight_smile:

Richard long term is the better tank, but he’ll require more materials and resources to level up.


Richard as others says, but if you have to upgrade someone, max Magni.

At some point you will replace either of them with a better tank, and while Magni can still be a very useful hero for all the jobs, Richard is on the lower part of the chart besides tank position.

Seconded. Boril is inferior to Richard but only by virtue of the fact that, all other things being equal, a 4* is generally inferior to a 5*.

But 5* heroes are MUCH more expensive to max level.

For casual, F2P/C2P, and newer players, you’ll use Boril more effectively for longer. It’s like your first car as a teenager. Very few people have great first cars (and those that do are lucky SOBs), but you’ll do more for longer with that than anything you get later. Generally.


??+20 Grimm9(767,636,1321) vs 4-80 Richard for blue tank? If grimm is your choice at what emblem level do you make the switch to Richard?

Richard in any case, those defensive stats just don’t cut it for a medium speed tank, especially considering his useless class.

Magni you can get away with more because of his fast speed and defense buff, as well as fighter class.


I don’t agree… Richard is strong defensively, and punishing when he hits, that’s a good combo for tanking even with the average speed. And the Paladin class skill actually is effectively a defense boost also, so it’s a bit of a contradiction that you’re saying he isn’t strong enough defensively and his class skill is useless.

Magni is fast and a great hero, but in contrast to Richard he has really low defense, before his special fires. With a few greens stacked against him, it doesn’t take a lot of green tiles to take him out before he can ever fire. His speed and defense boost after firing do absolutely help, but not enough, in my opinion… I would pick Richard for tank duty every time between these 2 (but Magni for many other uses).

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Yes magni but not for tank, i laugh at him with 3 green 4* max, every war where is blue tank i always attack magni its so easy to kill him:)))


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