Best base arrangement


I hope everybody knows that holding on a building is giving you the opportunity to move it anywhere you want in the base. This is not only a cool feature but also a very helpful one especially when it comes to collect the food, iron, crafted items, trained heroes and so on.
What would be the best base arrangement?
Is it good to have the food buildings grouped in a corner and iron in the other?
You know, you sit in your couch, in one hand you hold the remote and you’re zapping through same old channels on TV, o the other hand you hold your phone and you’re collecting in E&P.
What would be the best position of building to operate it with just one hand?
Any ideas?

Optimal base arrangement - what's yours?

Hopefully not too much of a tangent, I find the most satisfying way to arrange my base is what I see as the most ‘realistic’.

My farms are on what appears to be the most fertile area for crops, with storage easily accessible.

Training camps, barracks and forges are central and near the stronghold, as befits a militarised civilisation.

Iron mining and storage, with it’s industrial waste and hazards are placed as far from the main castle as possible.


Hahaha, I like that!


I sort them by aesthetics and frequency of usage, so TCs around the castle, along with my big forge, and another forge, or my barracks, with farms and mines in the middle that I need to collect from a bit less often in the middle and my storage at the bottom, mostly a checkerboard of iron, food, and housing, for no important reason other than I like how it looks that way.


I use this base layout:
Many clicks /day above, fewer clicks /day below

My training camps are near the stronghold, where all my heroes lives;
The barrack is at the center of my village to let roops reach faster any place;
My storages are below the resource makers 'cause it is easier to bring there the resources;
The houses, storages, and forges are near to the river to help with fire prevention;
The polluted water from the left side of the village doesn’t reach the living spaces.


Haven’t levelled my mysterious rock yet. Congrats on getting that to lvl20. - guaranteed hotm!


I fear the edges of your lands are left loosely guarded, as is your farms look ripe for looting by bands of Hobgoblins.

I might suggest moving the barracks at once! :wink:


They couldn’t even reach my base: the watchtower wold spot them and sound the bell before their approach and my Gregorio, Lianna & Berden have personally trained my archers :slight_smile:


How do you take a full picture like that??


On the contrary, fields can be replanted and houses rebuilt, but the loss of military assets is critical to the defence of the realm!


I selected (hold) a building and then took 6 screenshot, then I sovrapposed them to have a full picture :slight_smile:


That’s commitment!


Hi all,
Maybe this is a new sign of addiction to this game, but I’m trying to optimise the space for all the buildings in my base. I’m at stronghold 20 so have all the buildings.

It kind of bothers me that I cannot group all the buildings unless there are 4 of them (like training camps, houses, food storages, mines and forges)

Also do you have an optimal way of organizing for easy tap-collection…? Screenshots are appreciated.


This is the best I’ve come up with. I suppose it each to their own. :flushed:


Mine are similar to yours. It drives me crazy to see them all jumbled up. We had one player who placed them according to function, in her own mind.

She wouldn’t place the recruits housing next to the forges due to the smoke and noise bothering them when they’re trying to sleep :joy::rofl::smiley:


:joy::joy::joy::joy:To Funny…20 Char


Thanks for sharing, I like the thinking (food to the left, iron in the mid for collecting). I somehow view the spots around the stronghold as prime real estate :smiley: (I am almost like the girl you mentioned above) so I probably need to put my training camps or forges there…