Best ATK and DEF team

Actually there is one now… Treasures from the Deep. That will cost me €21,99 for one orb and €109,99 for one dart. (I am in Europe)

By the way, if I follow your suggestion the biggest issue I would have is with Domitia. For her I only have 2 out of 6 tabards and 1 out of 4 trap tools

Yeah, me too. But is too expensive for me. The Halloween offers are more cheaper.

Although I have a simular topic I did not include my complete hero roster. See below. I need some advice on the best DEF team. I guess Gui as tank is a no brainer

for now Lianna - Frida - Anzogh - Seshat - Joon

but when you’ll have them leveled you could try
Anzogh - Seshat - Guinevere - Misandra - Lianna

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@FraVit93, why would you choose Misandra?

Perhaps because Misandra is fast and her special skill could fasten the allies? Zero uses Misandra in his defense since… forever. He knows what he knows. Perhaps when the time will come, you should try her for a while.

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For what Scarecrow said and because she is your bedt blue defender’s option.
If Guinevere’s HoT were to still be active she could still be in an ok shape after her own talent would proc.

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I have 3 Misandras.
But 2 are still at 1.1
Can’t wait to stack at least 2 of them

I have just ascent Misandra to the last lvl so I will try her out after feeding her a little bit more. Blue is indeed not my best color. What would be a good blue defender (one that is still available to get)?
Preferably one that would fit my team best

Anyone any suggestions for me?

Magni and Richard are the easier to get, the best ones are Alasie, Ariel, Misandra and Aegir.

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@FraVit93, Since Alasie and Aegir are HOTM I can never get them anymore, right?

You’re kidding or you’re actually serious? I mean, it is hard to believe, for me at least, you don’t know about Atlantis summoning…

Sorry, but I thought only Ariel is from Atlantis…

Older Hotms are rotated through the Atlantis summons.

@Scarecrow does it hurt you to give a useful answer? :wink:

Thx Angel for explaining. I honostly did not know that. Not playing that long to know all the HOTM’s…

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I thought he is joking… Like I said, hard to believe otherwise.

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Well… I only experienced Atlantis twice or three times…

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Okay, you were just too flabbergasted :upside_down_face:

Very good heroes for this short time!

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