Best ATK and DEF team

A good DEF teams should be possible to create since you do not have any influence on who will attack you.

If I would do this I have two Rogues and two Rangers. Then I get probably stuck with the talents…

Two talented rogues on the wings is a nightmare for everyone. On my alt I have Peters +19 and Marjana +4. At wars, even the alt is less 150 TP than main, is the most attacked team. Because the opponents waste a lots of attacks there :joy:

could you pls explain why? especially one per color is strange, dont you stack your teams?
second seems you have great heros on the bench, but do you have enough AM ?

Color indeed does not matter too much, but class does to me, because of the emblems.
What does “AM” mean? :slight_smile:

Lianna is great without emblems anyway. Hope for the fighter Kingston next month :slight_smile:

AM = Ascension Materials. Have a look here: The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

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@Scarecrow, thanks for the explanation and link. Joon, Frida, Lianna, Anzogh and Seshat are already maxed. The rest I am working on…mostly they are at 3/70 except a few…

Then you have a serious problem. Nice heroes, but no real tank among maxed ones.

How serious can it be? It is just a game. :sweat_smile:… but understand what you are writing. atm everything goes to Gui since I read everywhere that she is one of the best tanks.

Yep, indeed. I don’t know what 4* bench you have, talented or not, but the last challenge provided poison darts for the first 500. I know, it is very difficult if you are not ready with a lots of potion mana. I spent hundreds of them, but I got the darts. How many do you still need for Guin? You will have one at the next rare quest for yellow AM, which will be soon.

I still need 2 darts and 3 orbs (previously focussed on Vivica)…

I have a lot of 4* maxed heroes.

Hmmm… You will get one from the quest, this is for sure. And if I were you, I would buy an offer next month, among the Halloween offers. One containing the darts.

Actually there is one now… Treasures from the Deep. That will cost me €21,99 for one orb and €109,99 for one dart. (I am in Europe)

By the way, if I follow your suggestion the biggest issue I would have is with Domitia. For her I only have 2 out of 6 tabards and 1 out of 4 trap tools

Yeah, me too. But is too expensive for me. The Halloween offers are more cheaper.

Although I have a simular topic I did not include my complete hero roster. See below. I need some advice on the best DEF team. I guess Gui as tank is a no brainer

for now Lianna - Frida - Anzogh - Seshat - Joon

but when you’ll have them leveled you could try
Anzogh - Seshat - Guinevere - Misandra - Lianna

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@FraVit93, why would you choose Misandra?

Perhaps because Misandra is fast and her special skill could fasten the allies? Zero uses Misandra in his defense since… forever. He knows what he knows. Perhaps when the time will come, you should try her for a while.

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For what Scarecrow said and because she is your bedt blue defender’s option.
If Guinevere’s HoT were to still be active she could still be in an ok shape after her own talent would proc.

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