Best "6th Man" Heroes

I’m at the point now where I’ve ascended all the “must have” 4s like Boldtusk, Wu, Proteus, etc, and I’m using a mix of high quality 4s and 5*s on my primary raid/defense/titan teams, and any heroes I have left to ascend are of lower value and unlikely to make any of those teams.

So I’m defining “6th man” heroes as ones that stay on the bench for the primary teams, but are useful for other miscellaneous purposes.

So what I’m looking for is:

  • War attacks with weaker teams
  • Challenges/events
  • Class quests (bonus for the thinner classes)
  • Tournaments (i.e. slow heroes for the fast mana tournaments, buff booster, etc)
  • Maybe some utility against certain specific defenses/heroes in raids to sub in for my main team

Which of these second/third tier 4*s do you think have those qualities?

Lil Jon
Hu Tao
Li Xiu

I’ll take one of each element:

I have long felt riposte is a severely underrated skill because people use it primarily / exclusively in defense. It is an offensive weapon in my opinion, largely because the AI can’t aim or dispel with the right timing. As such, I think Boril and Cyprian have great value.

Li Xiu is a great complement for Proteus, so she should merit strong consideration. However, a Wu Kong should not be forgotten, as his skill can single handedly punch out massive teams in war. Danzaburo is also far from bad.

Gadeirus should be brought up for titans, among other uses as the rare green buffer.

Colen would be my red pick, as Sumitomo is underwhelming. He takes a while to fire, but his effect is immense if you can keep him alive long enough - another sort of raid winning move.

Honorable mention to Little John (and to a lesser extent Hu Tao) for being somewhat similar to Colen, but less effective (and you have stronger comptition in those elements).

You have a lot of good picks across the board and some of these I’d regard as very strong heroes - much closer to core than fringe.


Ameonna is definitely niche, but she’s strong against yellow titans and her skill can be useful in war teams to give you a chance at completely wasting a sniper’s skill. It is luck based in that sense but when it happens, you’ll be doing a happy dance :man_dancing:

In terms of purple tile damage she’s one of my favorite as she has the 4th highest attack stat out of all purple heroes (behind Victor, Kageburado and G. Panther, none of which I have). Also her Ghost buff may not stack with anything, but it’s still an 82% attack boost to tile damage, which is very high. Against yellow titans I like this, because Wu Kong doesn’t cause her to miss (and thus miss rate goes down).

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From that list, the next heroes are completely useless for me (I sacrificed some of them already maxed): Colen, Boril, Agwe, Gobbler, Kassh, Hu Tao, Cyprian. I am also at one specific point. A point where I choose to duplicate when I don’t have something to level up, but only good heroes, not useless. I really tried to give a chance to Colen, but I lost battles because of him. Like I was only with 4 heroes. Slow mana and so low defense…

Just wanted to focus on this as an aside- For my last slot on blue titans, I’ve been looking at Margaret, Melandor, or Little John (all 3 mostly for high tile damage).

Gad doesn’t have great tile damage, but do you think his special makes him worth it over any of the other 3?

Another vote for Amonea. Once ghosting the AI will happily waste attacks on her + you have up to 4 extra turns to throw tiles around if the battle is going south

If you have duplicates of any of the good 4* healers (Mel, Boldtusk, Kiril, Rigard, Sabina) you might also consider those - as they would be a great asset to war teams.

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With the caveat that I don’t have Gadeirus:

I think it would depend on the rest of your team. My understanding of Gadeirus (again, theoretical), would be that he can do two things to benefit your team:

  1. Heal over time: this may allow you to go without another healer (say, if Melendor were currently in), freeing up the spot for a damage dealer (ideally, similar or better tiles to Mel with an offensive skill).

  2. Attack buff: if you can flank him with, say, Lianna and Gregorion, that buff is huge - to their tiles and when they shoot their special. If he’s instead neighbored by Buddy and Wu Kong, I feel the buff is of less value. In the latter case I’d probably favor a straight up higher tile attacker - Melendor would feel superior in that case since he gives more healing and better tiles.

I go with Gadeirus every single war. My favourite formula: Proteus, Triton, Gadeirus, Seshat and Rigard or Sabina. When attacking yellow tanks, of course. All heroes talented. First 3 gives an additional bonus. Rate of success, over 90%. I like Gad very much. Like I use to call him, the slower cousin of Ares :slight_smile:

Chao and Li Xiu make a good Yellow combo in 4* tournaments. Their combined mana cut has won me a few by buying me critical rounds. Especially when Purple (Proteus) is not allowed, but they also work well in combination with him.

Skittles, Colen, Hu tao, Lil John and Gadeirus could all have a place in Very fast tournaments. I only have Skittles maxed among those but she has been very effective in Very Fast offense (and she helped me beat Ursena on hard mode while I still didn’t have Scarlett :wink: )

Can i ask which 5* do you have?

It is logic that if you have Azlar you don’t really need Colen, or Marjana you don’t really need Kelile.

So, which are your top heroes?

I don’t see the logic. At 4* tournaments you can’t use Marjana over Kelile… And so on…

He/she asked for “miscellaneus” purposes, not specifically raid tournament (which still change everytime, so what’s better in one is not the best for the second)

Since skills for those heroes are pretty much the same, i would suggest other skills to complete for now the roster (expecially for wars).

I second that. Boril and Cyprian are valuable yes. choose one. Gadeirus should make your 4* valuable team. The others to me are still 1/1 until I have patience to level them

Still, Kelile is one of the most underrated 4* heroes. Talented, she’s a beast. Mine is +19. Totally agree with Colen.

Many 4* at +19 are awesome.
Grimm, Scarlet and Jackal are probably my favourite.

They pretty much equal a full leveled 5*, so basically your Kelile is a not talented Marjana right now.

Even better :rofl: A non-talented Marjana doesn’t dodge.


My talented Jackal has 892 atk stat.

A beast.

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Yes he is a beast

  • Purple: Ameonna if you give Titans a higher priority, Cyprian otherwise.
  • Yellow: Li Xiu is pretty decent but not a sniper which might be problematic (have one never really field tested because she came pretty late for me), Hu Tao is more debilitating if he fires but is slow, Chao is very generic but gets the job done, so assuming you don’t have anyone who clearly outclasses him like Poseidon or Joon, I’d go with Chao who is a good general purpose hero.
  • Blue: Boril. Just Boril.
  • Green: it kinda depends on what you’re looking for. Gadeirus is decent/good on Titans assuming you’re okay burning mana potions, but I’ve been underwhelmed everywhere else. That slow mana speed just sucks, and his ability being heal over time means you won’t always save his neighbors. Kashhrek is more reliable as a healer but far less versatile. Little John is a massive killer with high tile damage and a devastating effect but is incredibly squishy. If he goes off, you can basically dump tiles into the defense without any worry. It’s the getting him to survive long enough to fire that’s the problem.
  • Red: Colen will be the most game changing when he fires, but he’s slow and squishy. Kelile is more generic but pretty reliable and surprisingly durable due to her high defense. I’d go with Kelile since she’s more useful in more situations, but like Chao unless you have better options (basically Marjana or Grave) go with Kelile.

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