Best 5 star reds?

I’ve just summoned marjana and have enough mats to max her?

Should I do it?

Her attack and defence are meh but health is nice

Marjana is only second to Ares. So yes.


She is strong and she is hot :face_with_monocle:

What do you want? Khagan?
Do it!

I’ve had Marjana forever and have consistently put off Ascending her to 4th. For good reason though. First it was because of Ares. I don’t regret that at all. Then it was because of Natalya. I don’t regret that at all. I really like Khagan, but not enough to put him ahead of Marjana. I have Elena and like her Tile strength against Titans as well as her deflect. I will most likely ascend Marjana next in Red because of her Speed and the importance of that in AW. The only problem is the lack of Tomes of Tactics. Farnholme is coming up in a few weeks and that will contain a Tome of Tactics, but then there is Delilah and Aeron to consider…bah!

They simply need to make Tomes of tactics more available.



Unless you’ve got an idle Natalya sitting around, go for it. You’ll get some more blades and rings before you get a better 5* red.

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Blades and rings are a minor problem. Damascus blade is a consideration. The real problem is the lack of Tome of Tactics. Yes, there are some people out there that, for some reason, have a lot of them. But it is an extremely rare item. I have more than enough items to ascend Six 5* heroes right now and have been waiting on a Tome of tactics since just after the Farnholme quest before last and that was months ago.

True, but this is a pretty specific thread and I don’t know what’s in Denys’ inventory.
I’ve maxed all of my 5*s except 3 I don’t want to, and 1 that I’m waiting on another scope for, and I’ve got 3 Tomes left over. Hell, I’d trade a couple out for a few hidden blades if I could.

Frostmarch should be either Monday night or Tuesday this week. You’ll get your Telescope and a Warm Cape this week. Next week is Farnholme, so I get my shot at a Tome of tactics and then its another 2 month wait or so til I see another one.

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Awesome, I’d seen the order posted somewhere that said Frostmarch was next, but for some reason I thought we had it around 3 weeks back.
Hopefully the tomes start rolling in for you soon!

I don’t think you’re inventory is representative if you have enough 4* materials to ascend six 5* red (tomes aside) :smiley:. I’ve played since late July, and have enough materials to ascend one red 5*. I don’t have any 5* red, though. :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to imply that I had enough materials to ascend that many Red 5* heroes. I have enough to ascend that many 5* of all elements total. Every element requires a Tome of tactics.

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Aaah, sorry for misunderstanding you. Then we’re more or less in the same boat :slight_smile:

I’ve got 6 tomes so it’s not a problem

Also Natalya is garbage in my opinion, straight damage will always be better than DOT

Lol, Ok, I used to think so too.

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While I don’t always agree with each detail of (Guide) Anchor’s Complete Guide to Hero Grades, I do agree with their rankings of 5* reds:

A+ : Ares (A titan / A+ offense / A defense)
A: Marjana (B / A / A)
B: Natalya (B / A / B)
B: Azlar (B / B / A)
B: Khagan (B / B / B)
B: Elena (B / B / B)
B: Kestrel (C / B / B)
C: Guardian Kong (C / C / C)

I’ve taken some liberties here of ordering them based on their sub scores. Marjana was my first 4/80 and I have never regretted having her. Finally finished Ares last month, and Natalya will be my next 5* project.

Single-shot power hitters like Marjana are really excellent. I’d go so far to say that one or two is essential in an effective offense.


The thing I like most about the guide is the breakdown as to how they came up with overall ranking. There is a reason that I am more likely to advance Elena than Marjana. I already have Lianna, Joon, and Sartana. I like Elena for her Tile strength against titans and the Deflect damage it does to the titan when it does it’s special attack. For that reason alone and it is specific to my set of circumstance, I would choose to ascend Elena over Marjana.

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Completely agree – what’s important is to build up a strong deck, not just think about individual cards.

I don’t know if it’s because Elena was my first five star hero or what. I really like Elena, but don’t really care for slow mana. I also don’t care for the pretty low defence, and I see people using her as a tank. I wouldn’t if options existed. I have her ready to be ascended for the final time, and now I also have Boldtusk almost ready to be ascended for the last time. Almost leaning towards Boldtusk, to ascend him. I believe overall he’d be the most picked choice. However for the reasons you’ve giving, I like Elena!

Can you explain why you like Natalya so much? I put off her ascension when I got Elana. Curious to hear your reasoning before I spend the rings on someone.

The good thing about the red legendaries is that they’re all—excepting Kong—perfectly viable. Kestrel was the first five I was lucky enough to draw and have never regretted ascending him when I got the mats.

I wouldn’t regret ascending Marjana at all. She’s a beast.

And Dwb, I think Natalya’s main draw, other than her respectable damage (especially to natures), is her ability to severely slow the mana charge of whomever she hits. This effect also helps negate the wait for her DOT to take effect: her opponent isn’t likely to get anything off anyway.


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