Best 5* heroes?

I want to know best 4 and 5 star hero.


There are up to date informations allready in the forum

@Pois1 's overview you will find here:

@anchor 's “complete guide to hero grades” you will find on:

especially here:


I am not sure, whether there are best 4/5* heroes. It depends on your strategy and situation (titan / raids / provinces / in the futur maybe alliance wars) Every hero can be beaten somehow.

Of course there are weeker and tougher ones (see @anchor 's guide)


5* Alberich, Hel, Ares, Athena, Joon

4* Wu Kong, Grimm/Kiril, Buldtusk, Merlin, Cabin Boy Peters


It really depends on what you want out of your heroes. A 5* that is great on raids might be bad for titans. A 4* that’s good at titans can be bad for Challenges. Heck, a hero that’s great against a Fire titan might be a bad choice against a Nature titan. Many heroes that are great as raid defense teams are not good choices for other modes of play. There are few (if any) heroes that are the best in any fight.

That being said, @MrMeeseeks has a good list of top tier heroes. They are not the best for ALL situations, but they great in most.


Oh man gotta include Rigard here.

what’s the point of naming 5 heroes when only joon is available ??? the best 5 stars are those that can be taken now

5* Alberich, Guinevere,Hel, Unfortunately, all of them are Bonus monthly heroes.
4* WuKong,LiXiu, Gormek

Guinevere is an event hero, so she’ll probably be available again in April, assuming we don’t get a new event first., in which case it would be later.


The best 4 * and 5 * heroes are those you managed to pull.
No point talking about guin, gm, kage, alasie, zeline, tarlak, wu kong, kiril, boldtusk and so on when they’re not in our rooster. Some people play for months and never be able to pull a single 5 *.
Having type that, quintus is ■■■■ slow for my liking but since he is my only dark 5 *, he can be quite handy at times.


I necho a relic…lol

Yunan! Any questions? Good, carry on.

Also gravemaker.

I’m really loving the cheshire cat. Some of my “powerful” heroes still have issues. I’ve been trying to clean house


It’s a mistake to use that guide nowadays, it’s very outdated for old world heroes and some of the heroes like Aegir are just WAY off on some grades.

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4* : Wukong, Wilbur, Kiril, Boldtusk, any def- hero, Boril, Proteus.

5* : guin, Zeline, GM, Ares, Alberich, Hel, Joon/Lianna/Alesie , Tarlak, Vivica.

My best 5s are: Ares, Khiona, Joon, Marjanna, Leonidas, Domitia.

My best 4s are: Wukong, Wilbur, Buddy, Melendor, Kiril, Tiburtus, Triton.

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Zeline, Alasie, Hel, Kage, Gravemaker, Guinevere, Yunan

Proteus, Wilbur, Kiril, Boldtusk, Rigard, WuKong, Kashrek

I commend him for creating a guide and I expect there to be bias, but some of this just makes zero sense. Why rank Sonya a “C” on tank defense? She’s not incredible, but at max she has 760+ defense and about 1100 health… That’s pretty tanky for a 4* - especially a fast hitter. I give her A-. Also, Rigard seemed to not get the recognition he deserved.

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I do not understand why you think she is a good tank. I load a ton of tiles at her and let her go off. She hits weak and 1 person. I heal and now have a team of that is ready to special. She is a terrible tank. I would rate her D

Evelin in the titan’s team is certainly a bad judge. It has fast mana, lowers defense for a given color, is strong and is dedicated to the blue titan. So why is her rating only B?

Yeah, Rigard fully leveled up is a HUGE pain in any fight, because he seems to gain Mana at a faster than average rate and can REALLY be a pain in wars with health buffs. I’ve unloaded entire war teams at a fully leveled Rigard and watched him actually get STRONGER.

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