Best 5* heroes

One of the problems with the concept of this is that a lot of the best heroes are all arounders that either have poor synergy and/or don’t excel in teams (Lianna is great and all but only truly shines in combos, like with Evelyn). In theory a rainbow 5* elite squad might be Drake-Hel-Athena-Lianna-Gravemaker (organized in descending color), but that sounds like a bit of a questionable team on defense and somewhat laughable on offense (does anybody go full rainbow anymore)?

Also that sounds bad on Titans and risky in events/rare quests due to the lack of healers.

I mean a list of great heroes is great and all, but without any team synergy, it doesn’t mean much. Delilah-Kunchen-Ariel-Alberich-Ares are great heroes too, but that sounds like an awful team in pretty much everything.


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This is also roster depending. If you have 3 Gravemakers already, you won’t get excited about a fourth one. Even though he’s an excellent hero.

I really would love to have Ursena, being average and doing so much damage, she’s great :slight_smile: I’m also envious of players with Delilah. And I’d certainly like to have Kingston next month :slight_smile:

Well, but I assume that one of the new event heroes will turn out to be be best

I mean in all situations like a hero that is good in every category (titans, pvp, etc.)

I mean 1 hero alone not in a team or paired with any other heroes

I meant best overall not best for you so it’s not about your roster or your teams as explained in my message above


Worst Possible Team

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As far as I remember, there was a period when Guinevere was a hero number 1 and most of top 100 players had her as a defense tank.
Then Gravemaker appeared.
Sic transit gloria mundi.

OK, there are selfish heroes…:

  • Musashi, fast, deal damage and heal self.
  • Victor, because very fast, deal damage, and steal heal from healing opponent, so he can survive alone.
  • Elkanen, fast, deal damage, and heal self.
  • Leonidas, avarage, deal damage, and heal self.
  • Guardian Owl, very slow but sturdy and deal damage, and also heal self, so he can survive alone.

Rearrange that 1st team as Lianna - Athena - Drake - Hel - GM. Lacks a healer, but I would reroll.
And yes, there are some players who still go rainbow when attacking :smile:

Here are my best legends.

Gravey, Hel, Kunchen, Alby, Zeline and Alasie should also be mentioned. Sadly not on my roster.


No love for holy heroes?

If you got ideas name them lol

My list, in order:

  1. Gravemaker — tough old bird that spews death on VFast mana. In a typical top-tier war, he is on 95% of team on flanks. Our green stacks weep.
  2. Hel — locking down mana is such a huge skill. Her direct damage isn’t bad, either. With a big mana troop, she is extremely dangerous.
  3. Athena — Her -defense is huge, especially when on offense and/or paired with a minion-summoner like Delilah.
  4. Ariel — would be solid at slow mana speed, at average her special is game-changing. Cleanse, heal, mana accelerant = win.

I think maybe the title of the thread is possibly misleading compared to your ask in the question - you’re asking for best HERO “only one, so not a team”… but your title indicates ‘heroes’ - plural, so you’re going to get a lot of rainbow lists.

But with that said, I think the best hero in the game right now is probably Alby.

I don’t have him. I have Mother North. She is a hair less effective than Alby, but she is by far my most critical hero.

Revive pulls wins from losses - often. Having Revive on Offence lets you play the game very differently in raids and war.

On defence, Alby is a staple on dozens and dozens of top teams, irrespective of tank (Guin, Yunan, Wolf… it doesn’t matter). Again, he can give your defence a reset and pull your can out of the fire a lot…

Also, Mitch Marner, in hockey, is my current favourite player. He’s not the best, but he’s ■■■■ good, and I’m a Leaf fan. Crosby is from down the street, and I have enjoyed watching him for a long time (since he was 13) but last year, Marner took my top spot. #offtopic

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I would tend to agree. I have numerous times faced an Alby alone and then suddenly there are 5 heroes in front of me because I didn’t take care of him fast enough. And I find Marner more exciting to watch than Matthews.

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Heroes as in meaning what are your top 3,5 etc.

Ah, thank you. I might have guessed it had been done already. An update to that would probably include Miki, Tarlak and Wu on the same team - for triple the damage boost, innit!


Don’t forget Ranvir and Wilbur for a killer Titan lineup.

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Mm, too many yellows though. A danger that you might do some actual damage as long as they don’t get around to fire.

I don’t have a huge roster but all I need is tarlak… he makes everyone else feel so loved they murder the whole team for him :slight_smile: I know the new guys are getting attention ranvir and miki… but I hate having condition… just give me 100% all the time. I use tarlak 9 times out of ten because I know what I am getting

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